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This Page provides some instructions to family members, helping with a project that I am working on. The “Project” is defined in the first link below. The list will contain links to other Blog Posts with more details about the project and the steps to be taken to complete the project. It also may provide some insight to other Family Historians with some ideas about how to work with Wiki-Tree on such a project.

Over the past several days, I have made individual Blog Posts about this project. I figured that the way Blogs work, that may not be very helpful to try to find the various pieces of this project. So, I created this Blog Page. There are links, with some text, to the other Blog Posts that will help get the reader to the important Blog Posts, since the Blog is more then just this project.

What is nice here, is that I can update this Page with new Blog Posts as they are created. Hopefully, this will be like a How To page for this project.

You will see the term “Profile”. That is a page with information about a person. It’s like your Information (About) page on Facebook. WikiTree works much like Facebook, in who can see what. You will notice links to Facebook and Twitter as you proceed.

NOTE: The term Profile, really means a Person. It is much like your Facebook page if you have one.

Here is what this project is all about.

Attempt to use Wiki-Tree to reach the FaceBook Generation

So, here is how it starts. I have uploaded about 90 Profiles for the family from information that I have collected over the years. I hope that I have all of the names, but I am sure that I am missing some. As this goes forward, I am asking the family to help update this tree.

The next thing that needs to happen is be invited to the Tree. I have collected Email Addresses and will ask family members to email me additional Email Addresses so that invitations can be sent out. Again, this is a Family Project. WikiTree has much more to offer, but for now this page will be focused on getting started. Will add other information as time goes on.

To be up front about this project, I think it’s important to understand a little about the Website where our family information is located. Please read this blog post.

WikiTree–Mission Statement

There is also an Honor Code for the Users / Us to follow.

WikiTree – Honor Code

In the Honor code, it mentions Source Information. For this project, the source that we will see, is who provided the information. If there are other documents that are in addition to your personal knowledge, please refer to them, or attach them to the profile for the person. I will have what information I am looking for a little further down this page, but additional documentation is appreciated, like a Certificate, Bible or page from a Bible, or some other documentation you would like to share.

I will continue with my usual family research for other documentation.

To get started, you need to be invited and it will be by Email. I will initiate that

WikiTree–Email Invitation

Once the email has been sent, and your profile has a Password, the fun begins. Initially, you will only be able to see your information, to verify it and update it. Other permissions will be added for the family. Each of the pages have a way for you to drop me an email requesting any changes with permissions.

When you login, you will go to a screen that is talked about here.


This is the basic Opening Screen, in the Public View, the screen that you first see will be similar.

WikiTree – Public View

This is the view that someone finding this Profile would see. Basically, no details.

The other view is the Private View.

WikiTree–Private View

This view is what you can see in your Profile. At this point, I have made ALL Profiles Private.  I plan on keeping it this way, until you request that I make the profile Public.

This next blog post is probably the most important, as it will show you want I would like you to do. That is to Update (or Edit) YOUR Profile or other Family Member Profiles.

WikiTree–Edit Tab

The Edit Tab is where the work is. That Blog post provides information on the Data Entry Screen and an idea of what I am looking for.

I added this next Blog post for just adding a New Profile, but the “Edit Tab” blog post should be pretty clear on how to Add a new person. This would be the screen that you would see when you Add a Sibling, Child, Parent from the Edit or Edit Family parts of the page.

I might suggest that for Children, under 13, that you mark them as UNLISTED. but for this project, I would ask you to add me to your trusted list. (instructions below)

WikiTree–Someone Added new profile

Privacy has been my major concern. The Privacy is about who can see what, while the Trusted List is where the permissions are for viewing or editing Profiles.

For this project, I would ask that you add my email to your trusted list.

Add to Trusted List

The Trusted List is for those who can Edit the information for a person’s profile.For the profiles that I created, I have added immediate family members, who have joined this WikiTree Project, and added them to the Trusted List so that information can be added or updated. If you are unable to Edit a Project, there is an way to send me a WikiTree Email, requested to be added to the Trusted List for that Profile.

I am asking that you add my email address, as seen in Add to Trusted List, to each Profile that you might add. I am continually gathering information on the family, and adding me to the Trusted List will allow me to do that.

WikiTree–Privacy / Trusted List

If you have any questions, there are places on the Profile screens to send me an email, OR drop me an email at:

I answer any question that you, (my family) may have about this project. Questions or Comments are welcome.

I may not be able to answer any WikiTree website questions immediately, but here are some links to help you. Please note that they are on FaceBook. Please join them.

Questions and Contacting Us

  • If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, post a message on Twitter (@WikiTreeOnline), Facebook, or Google+.

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  1. the1gofer says:

    How do you like wikitree? I would like to explore ways to get others involved in my research, but most of the stuff on wiki tree see is just garbage. No sources, just copy and paste from other dubious sources.

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