April Fools Day – 2018

April 1, 2018

As the sun rises this morning, I will be on my way to Florida, with my family for a 5 night Disney Cruise. It’s our 2nd Disney Cruise, as a family, but today will be very different for me.

Back tracking 51 years, or the Winter of 1967, I had returned from a different type of cruise, that is on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon (WAVP-378). That cruise was to GITMO, to play war games with the U.S. Navy. This was my 2nd cruise to GITMO, but this return was very different.

When we return, late February, something very different happened. A swarm of Engineers swarmed our rusty bucket of bolts, and started to talk about air conditioning. March, Air Conditioning, Snow, hmm, something weird is going on. Oh, our communications gear had issues with the Navy while we were in GITMO, where the equipment broke down. Not unusual for us. But Air Conditioning.

Would find out later, that through out the Halfmoon other folks were measuring, writing, suggesting changes that would happen quickly. But what ?

By this time, the  CGC Halfmoon had been my home for 2 years. Much of that time was “as sea” on our various missions. Just not at home, or where there was much “news”.

About the 15th of March, 1967, we had a All Hands On Deck meeting on the “mess deck”. Very rare gathering at best. We were told that we would be leaving on an “extended” cruise and thus all of the folks boarding the ship and new equipment, noise, that had been going on and would continue for a couple of more weeks.

On April 1st, 1967, the CGC Halfmoon would leave Staten Island for the last time, and head somewhere, to warmer weather. There had been a prediction that a Coast Guard Cutter would leave New York and not return,  or so the story goes. Well, in fact, we did NOT turn to Base St George for 1967.

We would return 22 January 1968, from a cruise to Vietnam. Through the Panama Canal (both ways). 2 other, east coast Cutters would make that trip, meeting up with 2 others in Hawaii. To the Philippines, then to our various missions off of the Vietnam Coast.

April 1st, 2018, another cruise, but from Florida for 5 days on a cruise ship Disney Magic

5-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Miami

Experience the many exciting amenities of Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, and one more Caribbean port of call, where white-sand beaches, brilliant blue waters, balmy breezes and aquatic adventures await. Spend 2 relaxing days at sea enjoying your cruise ship’s onboard delights—from nightclubs and lounges to family-friendly entertainment venues.

According to the fine print, the Disney Magic is 3 times the length of the Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon. The crew of the Magic is 7 times that of the crew of the Halfmoon (war time crew level). And, I’ll bet there won’t be the rust on the Magic that the Halfmoon had until she ended her career in 1969.


The only time the 5 cutters with tied up together, after our journey across the Pacific.


And our welcome home, with the traditional Navel Welcome Home. My folks were on the pier when we arrived.


Will be so glad to have Jennie, Patrick, Carrie and Patti, on this April 1st cruise. Oh, and I won’t have to work this cruise.

US Coast Guard Anniversary

August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012, is the 222nd Anniversary of the start of the United States Coast Guard. I spend 4 years in the Coast Guard, 39 month’s of which was on the United States Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon (WHEC-378).


This picture is of the Halfmoon returning from our tour in Vietnam, with normal Naval tradition of a naval vessel returning from a war.

While we were on our tour, on this day in 1967, off of Vietnam, we celebrated the anniversary.


Snoopy was our ‘mascot’ for our tour.

So, Happy Birthday to the United States Coast Guard and for All of the men and women who served our country.

50th Anniversary of Vietnam

May 28, 2012

After watching President Obama speak at the Vietnam Wall in Washington, DC, this Memorial Day, 2012, I thought I would give only a glimpse of the 22th of January,  1968, when this picture was taken.


The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Half Moon sailed from New York Harbor on April 1,1967 bound for duty in the waters of the South China Sea off the coast of Vietnam. Homeported at Coast Guard Base, St.George, Staten Island, she joined four sisters ships making their way to the war zone in the far east.

The High Endurance Cutter was one of the original Coast Guard ships of Squadron Three sent to Vietnam. With a crew of 160 officers and men, Half Moon participated in Operation Market time, designed to stop the flow of arms, ammunition and supplies to Viet Cong units in South Vietnam.

While in Vietnam, Half Moon complied a most enviable record. In addition to conducting endless patrols and boardings of suspect vessels off the coast, she was always ready to respond to a call for gunfire support from U.S. and allied forces ashore.

Some of her impressive statistics: 13 Viet Cong killed, 64 military emplacements and structures destroyed or damaged, four sampans sunk, four secondary explosions observed and significant military equipment damages or destroyed.

When not inspecting vessels or providing support with her guns, the cutter served as a home base for 50-foot Navy Swift boats.

The 311-foot cutter’s return to New York marks the end of yet another assignment. WELL DONE.

Returning From Duty in Southeast Asia
January 22, 1968
New York, New York

In 1967, Half Moon’s colors were proudly displayed at such poarts as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Miami, Florida; Panama Canal Zone; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Subic Bay, Philippines; Hong Kong; Kaoshiung, Taiwan; Bangkok, Thailand; Sasebo, Japan; Vung Tau, Nha Trang, and an Thoi, Vietnam.

The ship’s Commanding Office, CDR Emmett G. McCarthy of Silver Spring, Maryland is looking forward to a well deserved rest for his officers and men when Half Moon docks at the U. S. Coast Guard Base St. George, Staten Island on January 22nd. Half Moon, in performance of her duties has upheld the highest traditions of the Coast Guard by putting into practice her service’s motto “SEMPER PARATUS” meaning ALWAYS READY.”


US Coast Guard Squadron Three


The Anniversary of the Coast Guard while off Vietnam:


Veterans Day Tribute 2011

November 11, 2011

I posted something on Facebook that may have made no sense to anyone on Facebook. So, I thought I would expand on it here.

I said:

Veterans Day 2011– To all of those US Coast Guard crew members of CG Ron 3, as we prepared to get underway for our tours in Vietnam. I thank the crew of the CGC Halfmoon (WHEC-378) that we each did our duty to return home and for making a difference for those who we supported, especially the Soldiers and Marines who we provided cover for and the Navy ships that provided us with what we needed to do our assigned tasks.


The above is the Coast Guard Squadron 3 outboard of the USS Jason.

I was in the Coast Guard from 1964 to 1968 with most of my time on board the Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon (WHEC378). In April 1967 we left Staten Island, New York for “an extended cruise”. After joining 2 other Coast Guard Cutters from the east coast, we journeyed to Hawaii. There we joined two other cutters.

There has not been two many times when 5 Coast Guard Cutters are in convoy across the Pacific from Hawaii to the Philippines.

From there we spread out to various assignments off of the Vietnam coast.

I wanted to Thank the crew of the CGC Halfmoon for all of the tasks that each of us had to do just to keep this “old” ship, some would have called it a rust bucket, running.

But our task was at least two-fold, 1) to do off shore support for the troops on the land, and 2) small boats, or river boats providing them with Fuel, Food, Films, Mail so that they could do their job.

TheCGC Halfmoon was 311 feet long. This let us get closer to the shore then the much larger navy ships.


This was a “82 footer” coming alongside for fuel. This cutter was running up and down the nearby river.

Now, the CGC Halfmoon doesn’t carry that much extra supplies, so we went further off shore to catch up with the Navy to take on Fuel, for ourselves and for sharing, for Ammo, for us and for sharing, Food, mail, and of course Movies.


We could pull up next to a Navy vessel, in this case the USS Arlington, to take on supplies. Some times it included transferring of people.


After taking on our supplies, we would return to the our positions off the coast of Vietnam.


I wanted to send Thanks to all of the crews of these ships for being away from families and friends, to work together to help keep our freedom.


The above was our traditional military warship returning from a WAR on January 22, 1968, fireboats and all.

To the Officers and Crew of the USCGC Halfmoon. Thank you. Job Well Done

HR Worthington – RM1

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