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  1. Texana says:

    iS Captain Worthington kin to Samuel Worthington the Quaker who married Sarah Simcott? in PA

    • Texana,

      If by Capt Worthington, you mean Capt John Worthington (1650 – 1701), then no. Samuel “the Quarker” Worthington, came into “West Jersey” much later then Capt John. I have done some research in this line as well as Capt John. Samuel’s line can be found is mid-Pennsylvania, and Charles Town (WVA / VA) after leaving West Jersey.

      Capt John’s line stayed mostly in Maryland.

      Hope that Helps.

      I will post this on the Query board.

      Thank you,


  2. Texana says:

    John Worthington (1618-71) was master of Jesus College and Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge. Other Worthingtons were nonconformist ministers: John of Dean Row, and Robert of Mottram-in-Longdendale, who in the 1640’s fought the power of established church. Samuel Worthington was on of the 1st to follow Fox’s Quaker movement to Penn. in America. John’s diary is free to read on line and it’s quite interesting!.

    • Texana,

      I think that the Samuel Worthington you are talking about is the Samuel “the Quaker” Worthington or Robert “the Quaker” Worthington who landed in West Jersey. My other reply about Samuel applies here, is from my research on that line would indicate, the two Samuel’s are the same Samuel.

      Hope that helps. I also hope that if others of confirming or different information that they would post a comment to this Blog Post.

      Thank you,


  3. Gill Lake says:

    I wonder wether you have any information about Bessie Worthington, daughter of Henry Fraser Worthington.
    She married James O’Hara Murray in 1894. James worked for Henry Rossiter Worthington as a mechanical engineer based in Europe – mostly Berlin. James married again in 1898 and is described as a widower on the marriage certificate so it sees Bessie not have a long life.
    Any info very gratefully received!

    • Gill,

      I will post this query onto the Blog.

      I will also look for more information about Bessie Worthington, as I do have information on Henry Rossiter Worthington.

      Thank you,


      • Janet Worthington Dudones says:

        Hello Gil and Russ,
        I just discovered your weblog today. thanks for doing it! Henry R Worthington was my gg grandfather, and Charles Campbell Worthington my G grandfather (Henry Fraser’s brother. I have no info on Bessie, other than her name, so this info is helpful to me. Elizabeth’s sister Valeria or Valerie married someone named Roper. maybe that will be helpful, if you have not learned more since this query. I have a lot of info on Henry R and CC Worthington.

        I would like to know how the name Rossiter came into the family…There have been a couple generations of HRW’s, a company called Rossiter Realty, and a house named Rossiter.


        • Russ Worthington says:


          I will have to look this up. I think I have something in my notes about Rossiter.

          The Henry Rossiter Worthington founded a Worthington company in Harrison (I think) New Jersey. I have been to the Church where he is buried in White Plains, New York. AND I live about 15 miles from the Worthington State Park in NJ, where Charles Campbell had is home. I have traced this line back to the mid 1600’s where Nicholas Worthington came to Connecticut.

          I’ll look at my files. I haven’t looked at that line for a while.

          Thank you,


        • Gill Lake says:

          Hi Jan
          Thanks for the information. I was researching a friends genealogy (James O’Hara Murray) when I discovered he married Bessie Worthington. It appears James worked for the Worthington Company so married the bosses daughter! I cannot find a death record for her. I have a copy of a newspaper report of her sister Valerie’s wedding in Pelham NY. Quite a big event with a train chartered from NY City. If you let me have your email address I will scan it and send to you.

  4. Jennifer Menze says:


    The tags on your site match several of the leads I am working.
    Website tags: Worthington, Byberry, Bodingham, Bartlett
    I would be extremely grateful for any help.

    Some Worthingtons in Orange/Fred Co VA intermarried with a group of families that moved to Guilford/Rowan, NC.
    First, I am trying to find out if the Parsons–who were part of this group in Guilford– had ties to this group as far back as Orange/ Fred Co VA. There is a “George Person” on a Worthington estate document.
    Second, I am grateful for any info you are able to provide me on the Worthingtons & other families that will help further my search.

    Tags: Worthington, Bodingham
    Robert Worthington “the Quaker” lived on the Opequon in Fred, VA
    1st son Samuel Worthington married Sarah Simcock
    I appreciate anything you can provide me about this Samuel Worthington’s family tree & the names on the settlement of his estate (I have rootsweb & ancestry…I have no primary sources, etc)
    Ca 1737 Orange, VA
    particular names of interest:
    “George Person” 1st & foremost!
    The Abel Pearson is likely of the Enoch Pearson Quaker family,
    that sadly had no Georges? They removed to SC.
    Do you think it’s possible Geo could be a base born Pearson?
    Do you have any idea where I could find more info on this Geo?
    Daniel Burnet: possibly Barnett that shows up in NC?
    Brittain: any documents you could refer me to? They are in NC.
    Williams: They show up in NC, but there are too many Williams in this world ;p
    I don’t see the Morgan Morgan family, but do you have that info?

    Sam’ls dau:
    Alice Worthington married 1) Bodingham
    & 2) Henry Walton Nov 1750 Fred VA
    Alice & Henry removed to Guilford/Rowan NC where they & their children are found in the land records. Son Nathaniel Walton witnessed documents for & with Parsons family members.

    Tag: Byberry
    1) This Samuel would appear to be a descendant of the NJ Worthingtons.
    BUT: I never overlook coincidence….
    One researcher states this Henry Walton is of the Byberry Waltons. Another family that marries in is also of Byberry.

    Are these VA Worthingtons related to the Byberry Worthingtons in any way?

    2) New Jersey: Some Parsons settled early on in NJ, Philly, Bucks Co. Any relationship with this group of Parsons?

    3) I believe the Worthingtons & the Enoch Pearson family may have intermarried as far back as England? They continued this in PA. Anything you have come across in the Quaker records…a George?? would be appreciated!

    Tag: Bartlett
    I am curious about this one. I have some Bartletts turn up in the early land records in Guilford. They aren’t easy to trace, but it’s quite possible they are related to the rest of this crew. Any info would be appreciated!

    Thank you for your time!

    Jennifer Menze

    • Jennifer,

      Thank you for your comments.

      To the best of my knowledge, at this point in time, the Byberry Worthingtons and the Robert the Quaker Worthington lines are NOT related in the US. There is a study going on to help determine which of the 4 major Worthington lines (in the US) came from which Worthington line in the UK.

      I am not actively researching these two lines, but I do research and share what I do have on them. These lines are not complete.

      The Byberry line started just inside the Philadelphia city limits and when north along the Delaware River. The Robert “the Quaker” Worthington line when to Virginia (West Virginia) and into Ohio. I have not found any intermarriages.

      I’d have to look at the NJ/PA Parsons. Byberry and where Robert “the Quaker” lines came into the same area of the country, and a number of years different. Byberry and “West Jersey” are across the Delaware River. West Jersey is now Burlington County.

      Again, thank you for your comments.


  5. John Worthington Austin says:

    I am a 6th Great Grandson of Captain John Worthington, descended from his youngest son, Charles, by Sara Dorsey Howard. Does a complete “tree” exist from all or some of Captain John’s 6 children (by Sara) through to the present? If so, how would I view it?

    • John,

      We are cousins, then, as I also am a descendant of Charles.

      I would doubt if anyone has a “complete tree”. I just checked my file and I have 2,196 Descendants of Capt John, and 548 descendant from our Charles.


      • John Austin says:

        Russ, Thanks very much for the personal and prompt response. 2,196 descendants of Captain John is astounding but not too surprising considering he had, by my searches, 31 grandchildren; a GREAT start. (If you’ve never read “Adam’s Curse”, by Bryan Sykes, it makes interesting reading on the spread of DNA down through the generations. Apparently a third of all Asians are descended from Genghis Khan.) Anyway, I’m descended from John’s son Charles via HIS son Charles; from which of Charles senior’s four children do you descend? I have attached an Excel copy of my family tree, if it comes through this email, and you can see the Worthington section on page 4, bottom right. My interest, other than playing with spreadsheets, is to find the other siblings of my string, down through the generations. The fact that you know how many descendants are from Captain John and Charles means there’s info out there. Is it consolidated anywhere? Your blog is amazing. By the way, are you aware that the Worthington House at Monacacy Battlefield was bought by John Thomas Worthington, Captain John’s 3rd great grandson by John’s son John? Per my cousin Fred Jenkins who I believe you know or know of. Keep up the good work. Almost forgot, I had planned on attending the Worthington reunion last year but didn’t make it. I live not far away in Kennett Square, Pa. You met my sister Janet. Our sister Peg Ellis is who you apparently received much research info from, as you mentioned in you blog report. John Worthington Austin

        • John,

          Please email me your spreadsheet to:

          hrworth at gmail dot com

          DNA results are interesting, and J2 is the term I think you are suggesting. Don’t know about Genghis Khan though.

          I know Fred and met many others (not Fred) at the Reunion this past summer. Had a great time.

          I was born and grew up in Chester County.

          Here is a link to a Descendant Chart of Capt. John.

          It may not be current, but it is online.

          You are descendant of Charles Jr (1736 – 1799) while I am descendant of John (1733-1803). My family left Harford County between 1815 and 1866. Don’t know off the top of my head when.


  6. John Worthington Austin says:

    Russ, the FamilyTreeMaker site is a great resourse, as I previously mentioned. In an attempt to “chart” it out, I’ve worked my way completely through Charles’ descendents to my present relatives, but John’s seem to peter out. How do you come down from Charles’ son John?

  7. Penny says:

    I’ve traced my Worthington line to Charles Worthington, born August 2nd 1820 in Pennsylvania, but I can’t find his parents! He was married to Caroline Dimm, and the two lived in Wolf, Lycoming, PA, before moving to Kansas. Any help with his parents would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  8. Libby says:

    Greetings Russ. I have a fair bit of Worthington History. I am descended from James Tolley Worthington, the 8th child of Samuel and Mary Tolley Worthington. He left Md and went to Kentucky with his twin brother Thomas. If you are interested in it, just let me know.

    • Libby,

      Absolutely. I sort-a fall short after they leave Worthington Valley. Would love to fill in the gaps.

      My email is

      hrworth (at) gmail (dot) com

      Have you been to Worthington Valley and Montmorenci?

      Thank you,


  9. Dan says:

    Is this Worthington bunch any relationship to the Samuel Worthington that was killed in Texas in the early 1830’s?

    • texana says:

      I have a lot of info on the Texas Worthington who surveyed Texas in 1830s. I do not know how he died or where. He descends from Robert the Quaker in PA.

  10. Jade says:

    If you have in your database William Worthington (1 May 1761 – 5 Jun 1848) you might be interested in a documented account of at least some of his Revolutionary War record:

    There is an updated version available upon request.

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  12. Sally Bradbury says:

    The Anne White book includes a quote regarding Mary Tolley Worthington, first wife of Samuel (b.1734) “In honor of Mrs. Mary Worthington, wife of Samuel Worthington, who was born 21st day of March, 1744, and departed this life the first day of October 1777, Aged 37 years 6 months, leaving a disconsolate husband and 11 weeping children to lament their loss. This amiable woman lived beloved and died lamented by both rich and poor. And her soul is gone to heaven above enjoying her dear redeemers love; While time shall roll and never end A blest eternity to spend.”
    Do you know if that was an obit.?, inscription on her grave marker? or other?
    Sally Bradbury

    • Russ Worthington says:


      I have posted the query and will do some checking. I am pretty sure that I have a picture of that headstone and it may already be online.

      I’ll post to the Blog shortly.

      Thank you for your Query.


  13. Sally Bradbury says:

    Ooops! I should have checked Find A Grave first, as the person who submitted Mary’s included a transcription and, YES, it is the inscription on her stone.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Not a problem at all. I have a number of photos on that Blog about the Worthington’s buried at St. Johns, Worthington Valley. there is a link, on the right of that page, for the Burial Ground.


  14. Ian W says:


    Names: Alston WORTHINGTON
    Dates: Birth 1817
    Places: Home in 1850: Southern Division, Davidson, North Carolina
    Relationships: SPOUSE: Margaret Worthington (b.1823)
    CHILDREN: James W Worthington (b.1847), John K Worthington (b. 1849)

    I am researching the Worthingtons of North Carolina. Alston WORTHINGTON is the oldest ancestor I can find. And he is also my brickwall.

    I have a tree on that I am open to sharing if there are folks who can help me continue my search of “where did I come from?”

    Many thanks!

    Ian Worthington
    Raleigh, NC

  15. Karla Corkran says:

    Hi, I am the 5th Great Grandaughter of John William Worthington b 1759 VA d 1827 Newberry SC, married Elizabeth Davis. I was hoping to see if anyone knows whether John was a Rev. War Patriot or perhaps his father was, Samuel Worthington Sr. Both of them have dates of birth and death of that period of time.

    I am in the DAR and got in through the James Spearman. James’s son Francis Spearman was married to the daughter of John William Worthington, Margaret Worthington (1794-1882 married to Francis Spearman).

    Thanks in advance for any information you could give to me!

    Kerrville, TX

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  17. Linda Casale says:

    I found an ID bracelet with the following information:
    Henry Rossiter Worthington
    Overseas Correspondent
    Blood Type O
    Falls Church, VA

    I’d like to return it. Can anyone help me?
    Thank you,

  18. Janet Dudones says:

    Linda, how old does the id bracelet look? the original Henry R was my great great grandfather? I know of 2 relatives with that same name, up they have both passed on I will check with my Aunt and post any info I get here. Janet

    • Russ Worthington says:


      I had hoped you would see this. Was one of your Henry Rossiter Worthington named folks in Virginia? That was the only clue I saw.

      Thank you,


  19. Alice Dudley Carmel says:

    Thanks for this blog, Russ. I retired 6 mo ago and am doing my tree on synced to FamilyTreemaker3 for Mac. It is so much easier to amend than doing gedcoms for upload to Rootsweb WorldConnect. I used to chat with you on Worthington-L when my mother was publishing the 1837 diary of Margaret Worthington. Mother passed away in Dec 2013 at age 100. I have copies of her book “Daughter of Adena” for sale, and used copies as well as print to order copies are available on Amazon. Today I have been studying ancestors of Robert the Quaker Worthington’s wife Margaret Mat(t)hews. If I succeed in verifying the line, it goes to William Wynter, treasurer of the royal navy under QE I, who also was in the battles with France and Spain–see the wiki about him if anyone is interested.
    Alice Carmel,
    Weymouth, MA

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Do you have a link to the book on Amazon? or do you have them and we can order directly from you?

      I’ll have to look at my data for who I have as Robert “the Quaker” Worthington’s wife.

      Will have to check wikipedia for William Winter.

      Thank you for contacting me.


  20. Rose Cloke says:

    I loved reading about the Worthingtons in America…have you seen papers dating back to Joan Plantagent marries De Worthington, Joan’s second marriage, Joan was daughter of Henry 1
    Rose Cloke my dads descendants

  21. Good Morning! I have a Worthington ancestor who is a mystery. She is known as Sarah Worthington. She was supposedly born 1741 in Connecticut. She was the wife of Cornelius Drake (1741-1818). Sarah Worthington Drake died in Christian County Kentucky. The Drake family line is well researched and fleshed out but no one seems to know anything about Sarah Worthington. Any info you may have would be much appreciated. I really enjoyed your site!



  22. Sharaon Culver-Rease says:

    I am struggling to find the parents of my great grandmother, Martha A Worthington who was born March 15, 1870 in Kansas. She had a brother Edward born in October 1876. The information I have is from census and marriage records. She moved to Missouri at 18 and got married. I would welcome any suggestions.
    Sharon Culver-Rease

  23. Ronda Mitchell says:

    Hello. I’m trying to determine if we are related to Samuel Worthington who founded Worthington Springs, Florida. My grandmother told me stories of somehow we were related through either her mother, Martha Lucinda Shepherd or her father, Ezra C. Fisher. My grandmother’s name was Esther Ina Fisher. I’ve puttered on, but couldn’t find a connection…in fact the trail runs cold at Martha and Ezra – I can’t find any records of their parents. Any insight would be much appreciated.

    Blessings –
    Ronda Mitchell

  24. Derrick Mcintosh says:

    Question- Is there any relation or could you tell me what the connection is between my grandmother Alisha Worthington Tooke(Born Alice Worthington Tucker) and CC Worthington?

    • Russ Worthington says:


      I have a hint of a Tucker family, marrying into the Worthington line what has Charles Campbell Worthington in it. Do you have any more information on Alice Worthington Tucker ?


      • Janet Dudones says:

        Hello Russ and Derrick, Charles Campbell Worthington of NY and Shawnee-on-Delaware PA had a Daughter Alice Rice Worthington from his second marriage. She married and divorced Lionel Noah. I’ll see if I can find a Took or Tucker.

  25. Sally Bradbury says:

    None of these is in my tree. Sorry. I have not been on your website for a couple of years (working elsewhere) so this is the first time I’ve seen the post by John Worthington Austin. If he is still trying to put together the entire tree of Captain John, he might want to look at my tree (Shaw Kutnewsky Family Tree on Ancestry). My line descends from Capt. John through John to Samuel, but then comes down through Samuel’s second wife Martha Garrettson. Their oldest son was Nicholas who moved to (West) Virginia and lived at Beach Bottom, Brooke, right along the Ohio River. Nicholas married Mary Jones and their son Samuel Garrettson Jones Worthington was a well respected Methodist Episcopal circuit riding preacher for 50 years.

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  27. Kathryn Schultz says:

    My husband’s mother descends from the Quaker immigrant and “Publisher of Truth” Thomas Janney, Jr., who arrived in Philadelphia in late September 1683 with his family and settled near Newtown in Bucks Co. His mother was Elizabeth Worthington, born in 1604 and married Thomas Janney, Sr. of Styal, Cheshire in 1625. I do not have any information on her parents. Thomas Janney, Sr. was the son of Randle Janney, whose parents were Thomas and Jane/Jone Worthington Janney, who married in 1578.
    Do you know whether there is a connection between these Cheshire Worthingtons and yours in New Jersey? Thanks for your help.

  28. Cheryle Worthington Moore says:

    Has anyone found the name of the 3 brothers John
    Samuel and Thomas Worthingtons father in England? They are my ancestors and arrived in Byberry in 1705. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am stuck. All of my ancestors lived in Bucks County Pa. I was born and raised there as well. Most of my ancestors are buried in the William Penn Cemetary. Thank you.

  29. Gary Shields says:

    Hi. Just can across your blog om the Worthington , my wife’s 9th great grandfather is Captain John Worthington (1650 – 1701) and was wondering if you might think that this info on his father and mother might be correct. ” Captain John Worthington was born in 1650 at Sharston Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, England.1 He was the son of Francis Worthington and Sarah Byram.1 He was baptised on 2 October 1651 at Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England.2 He married Sarah Howard, daughter of Matthew Howard and Sarah Dorsey, between 1686 and 1688 at Anne Arundel, Maryland, U.S.A.G.1 He died on 9 April 1701 at Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A.” It is from a website called ”

    • Russ Worthington says:


      On paper, those are Capt John’s parents. DNA testing is indicating something different.

      I will look at that website in a little while.


      • Rich & Sally Bradbury says:

        Russ,I haven’t heard from you in a long time.  The information given by that person if what I have and was quite well documented.  I did not do it myself, as I was really focusing on what happened to my ancestors after they came to this country.  What DNA information do you have?Sally Bradbury

        • Russ Worthington says:


          Sharing DNA is a tricky subject.

          There are at least 4 descendants of Capt John, in the USA, that do not line up with the other Worthington’s in the UK. This was a Y-DNA test done several years ago, with the Worthington project on FTDNA. That would indicate a NPE (Non-Paternal Event) that took place before Capt John. My guess is that the Father or grandfather of Capt John is not who we see in our paper trail.

          That far back, it is not likely that we will find the connection.


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