QUERY: John William Worthington (1759-1827)

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Hi, I am the 5th Great Grandaughter of John William Worthington b 1759 VA d 1827 Newberry SC, married Elizabeth Davis. I was hoping to see if anyone knows whether John was a Rev. War Patriot or perhaps his father was, Samuel Worthington Sr. Both of them have dates of birth and death of that period of time.

I am in the DAR and got in through the James Spearman. James’s son Francis Spearman was married to the daughter of John William Worthington, Margaret Worthington (1794-1882 married to Francis Spearman).

Thanks in advance for any information you could give to me!

Kerrville, TX

4 Responses to QUERY: John William Worthington (1759-1827)

  1. You are looking at Loyalists.

    John Worthington son of Samuel Worthington and Hargaret Rutherford
    born 2 Jan 1754, Hampshire County Virginia
    died 15 Feb 1827, Newberry, South Carolina
    married c 1795 Newberry, South Carolina
    Elizabeth Davis daughter of Chesley and Mary (Tate) Davis
    born 17 Aug 1765, Bedford County, Virginia
    died 20 Mar 1833, Newberry, South Carolina

  2. Sue Ellen Adams says:

    Karla, I am a fellow DAR member. I have heard that John was a Patriot in Virginia before going to SC. There is a John Worthington listed in some VA militia group, but I haven’t been able to find proof that it is our John. We do have Henry Tate and Chesley Davis as Patriots, already, however.

  3. Luke says:

    Sorry for the late reply but John Worthington is in my ancestry family tree.

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