WikiTree–Privacy / Trusted List

With the help of the Cousin Connector and Community Assistant, on Facebook, I was able to figure out how do to what I am trying to do. I was trying to do it backwards.

For anyone who might be interested, and so that I can remember how to do this, I am posting the steps here. (I will remember where to look, the next time I want to add a person)

In my profile on WikiTree, I want to go to the Privacy Tab, and scroll down to the Add to Trusted List. It is below the Remove Selected People button on the profile / Privacy page. The option to add this person to many lists, the Bulk Trusted List Changes tool is used.


That will bring up the Bulk Trusted List Changes screen:


The Add button is selected from the pull down menu, and the Continue button is selected. This will take you to the screen to add an email address.

One of two things will happen. 1) if the email address is already listed in a Profile, you will be taken to the next screen, or 2) if their email address is not already in a profile a new profile screen will be presented.

For my purposes, I will add the Email address to the person’s profile, inviting them to participate, then I will add them to the Trusted list.


The email address was entered, and am taken to the list of the members in my tree. The name of the person will be listed at the top (blanked out for this example), which is a great reminder of who I am going to allow to see what.


The list of the members of the tree are listed below. Blanked out for this example. By putting a check mark in the Right Column, will allow that person to see and Edit the information for those profiles.

An example of what one of those lines look like.


This is the control I was looking for. Was just looking at it backwards.

On with my project.

Thank you Tami for your help.


4 Responses to WikiTree–Privacy / Trusted List

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Russ,
    Thanks for writing about WikiTree. It looks like a great way to keep your relatives updated on research and to have them help. Is there any way you could send me an invitation to join the site? I would be very appreciative!

  2. Russ – Thanks for writing about WikiTree! I’ve really enjoyed reading and watching you learn more about the site. Your feedback is also much appreciated and we’re taking it to heart.

    Actually – you do need an invitation to join the site. While it is 100% free, we want to make sure that users understand our mission and agree to respect our Honor Code before we send an invite. It is really easy to send an invite – just go to the top of the page and click “Add new profile”. Then either add a family member or click “add unrelated person”, fill in the information, and send the invite. Once the person has accepted the invitation, you should consider removing yourself from their trusted list and removing them from yours (assuming you don’t want them on your trusted list, of course). If you have trouble sending the invite, let me know and we could do a Google Plus hangout so I could show you, if you’d like.

    ~Elyse Doerflinger
    WikiTree Evangelist

    • Elyse,

      Thanks for the info about the Invitation. But, please correct me if I am wrong here, I am the one Sending the Invitation to my Cousins. But, I do want to mention the Mission and the Honor Code. I will probably add that blog tomorrow.

      Again, I am attempting to be a “control freak” on this specific, Family Information Gathering project.

      Thanks for the Google+ offer. Actually, I did that earlier this morning with one of your colleagues.

      Again, Thank you.


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