Evidentia–Create a new Citation Template

During Dear MYRTLE’s Google+ Hangout On Air yesterday (02/02/2013) we discovered that there wasn’t a Citation Template for a Digital Image, online, from Ancestry, as an example.

Dear MYRTLE has a blog post on the Homework assignment and this Hangout On Air.


You can watch the Hangout from the blog.

I was up for the challenge to create a 1940 Source Template as part of the homework.

In Evidentia, in the Document a Source tab, I selected the ICON to the right of the Source Listing.


When the Citation Template list appeared, scrolling down the list, 1940 Microfilm was listed, but that isn’t what I was looking at. I had an Image from Ancestry.com.


That last Digital Image was 1870


The right side of the screen shows the “fields”, in brackets, that the template used for the citation. I did a Screen Capture of that window, to see what “fields” were used in 1870. HOWEVER, a 1940 Census Citation has other fields as well. So, I looked at and printed the 1940 Microfilm Citation Template.


The fields are different. So the ‘trick’ is to create a NEW Citation Template that combines these two templates.

At the bottom of this screen (pop up window) is a “new” button.


Which brought up this screen.


So, it’s a matter of filling in the fields. However, there are some tricks to remember. The biggest is what are Fields and what is text to go into the Citation Template.

For the Category, Census – US

For the Short Title I entered 1940 U.S. Census – Digital Image

Now for the fun part and a little bit of playing around so that I understood what was going on. What I learned:

Bracket indicates a field that will be presented to ‘fill in the blanks’.

The Source Listing Template I entered:

[State], [County], County. 1940 U.S. census, population schedule. Digital Images. [Site Name]. [URL]: [Created Year]

The fields are STATE, COUNTY, SITE NAME, URL, and CREATED YEAR. The rest is text.

The First Listing Template is.

1940 U.S. census. [County] county, [State], population schedule, [City], enumeration district (ED) [Enumeration District] p. [Page #]. household [Household #], [Person of Interest]; lines [Line Numbers]; digital image, ([Site Name]); accessed [Access Date]: citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm Roll: [File #]_[Roll #].


As above, the rest is text. Note that the Site Name is entered as ([Site Name]). So, the data entry will be the site name, but will be displayed (Site name) or [Ancestry.com)

Since the Microfilm template showed the Enumeration began on April 1, 1940, I entered that as a reminder to me, for this new template.


The new Template has been created, AFTER it is saved.

Now, when I select that Citation Template, this is the Data Entry Screen that I will use for that image.


As you fill in the fields, the text on the right will be updated.


6 Responses to Evidentia–Create a new Citation Template

  1. Thank-you Russ! This is just what we need to do to create custom templates. I suggested during the webinar that if 1,000 Evidential Users each created 1 custom template, and added it to the library at the Evidentia website, we’d have a mighty good collection for other users to import.

  2. Ed Thompson says:

    I have also made sure that the forum topic for sharing Citations Templates on the Evidentia website (for those of a sharing mindset) can accept file attachments. http://evidentia.ed4becky.net/forums/topic/sharing-citation-templates/


  3. […] I am fast-forwarding past the part where I enter my source citation – it’s boring, and Russ pretty much covered it here. […]

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