2013 Docu-Challenge #1: English Parish Register Marriage Entry–Part 1 Data Entry

Dear MYRTLE posted a blog with a Challenge for users of Evidentia, an Evidenced based software program.


I posted some information about Evidentia here:

Technology Tuesday–Evidentia


Evidentia–Create a new Citation Template

One of the learning’s of the use of Evidentia for me, was to find a document (source), cite the source, then transcribe the information or Claims from that document. This is the first step that I did to capture the information provided in the source.

The instructions were to go to FamilySearch.org and locate the Parish Records for the Parish of Warrington, Devonshire County, Cronwall, England and locate the marriage record for William Warren and Sarah Bickle.

One conflicting bit of information is that Family Search spelled the Parish, in text, as Werrington. The image reads Warrington.

The image is HERE

I took the top of that page and included that in the Source information.




Source created, now to the Citation.


The Catalogue Claims is selected and since there is a lot of information (claims) on that image, I select “Open the always-on-top mini-editor. For me, this helps me to separate the Data Entry piece of this process from the beginning of the Data Analysis. That 3rd ICON will bring up a small mini-editor and it will be on the top of what ever image or information that you are transcribing.



That Always-On-Top is in the upper left of that screen. I entered “William Warren of this Parifh” (as spelled on the image), Sarah Bickle of this Parifh”.

William Warran and Sarah Bickle were married in this Church by Banns with Confent of this thirthith Day of October in the year One thoufand eight hundred and thirty three.

By me Thomas Wadden Martyn Curate

This Marriage was foleminized between us William Warren / X (the mark of Sarah Bickle)

In the Prefence of William Bickle / X (the mark of Daniel Prior

No. 107

So, the data entry is complete. Data analysis of this information will follow. BUT some observations.

The word “curate” and the persons name wasn’t the clearest in No. 107, but is clearer above in No. 106.

Sarah Bickle, apparently couldn’t write nor could Daniel Prior and have an “X” in their space, but someone wrote in their name. In No. 108, Daniel Prior is also listed, again with an “X”.

Data entry of 5 claims were recorded from this image. Analysis to follow


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