J2 is now J-M172

In a recent blog post, Judy G Russell, The Legal Genealogist posted this:


In her blog post she said that her cousin “went to bed as a J2 and woke up as a J-M172”. Wait a minute, J2, I am a J2. So, I went to my Family Tree DNA page, and sure enough I am now a J-M172. Now, I have no clue what all of that means, but I am hoping that in 2013 I can learn more about that.

There are 4 matches on my profile. I know one of the names listed, have spoken to him in the past, and we are descended from the same person, Charles Worthington. The 2nd person on the list had a name that contains several familiar surnames, but the 3rd name (me being the 4th name) I didn’t know. His surname wasn’t familiar. Not too many hints on his profile, where surnames and places are listed, so I dropped him an email trying to determine the connection.

This morning, I received a reply, not connection yet, but both of us are willing to see where the connection is. I went back to his profile and found 2 surnames that are “may be” potential. One is a very long shot, the 2nd isn’t such a long shot. So, a DNA journey may have begun.


Thank you Judy from brining us up to date on what is happening in the world of DNA.

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