A Day of Remembrance–Pearl Harbor Day

December 7, 2012

I find it interesting that yesterday, I received a phone call from my brother. During that call, he told my that our Uncle (Uncle Max) was on board the SS Calvin Coolidge (a.k.a. USS Calvin Coolidge) when it sunk on October 12, 1942.


I guess my uncle and I never shared our “sea stories”. So, today, December 7, 2012, I started to find out more about the Coolidge. I hope that in the near future, my brother will share any “genealogical” information he might find while he visits my aunt and uncle.


I did some searching on fold3.com to see what I could find about the Coolidge or my uncle. But I DID find a Cruise Book for the Ship that my former Father-In-Law was stationed on. The USS Cabot (CVL28)


USS_Cabot-CVL28-Page 11


It was then that I remembered what today really is and what happened this day so many years ago.


We WILL Remember.




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U.S. Navy Cruise Books, 1918-2009

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Navy Department Library

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United States

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U.S. Navy cruise books for various years and ships, 1918 to 2009.


USS Cabot

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