Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 4 Fall 1983 – Distinguised Subscriber

July 31, 2010


CARL ALBERT, Retired Speaker of the House is one of our better known subscribers. He also has given many years in the service of our country and her people. We are proud to have you with us in our search for Worthingtons.


Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 3 Fall 1983 – Missouri

July 31, 2010

Charles Worthington = Jane Miller

Charles Worthington met Jane Miller in the Joplin, Missouri area. She had lived for a time in Indian territory. There were four known children born of their marriage; Hurley, Dolly, George,and Vernon. George was b. 1893. Charles Worthington died (Between 1893 and 1900) near the Taney, Ozark County boarders. By this time Tyre and Mary Miller had homesteaded there. Some of the boys of the family took lumber Tyre and Mary had for building their house to make the coffin for Charles Worthington. Tyre remarked he hoped no one else in the family died or he would never get the house done:” Jane Worthington remarried a Mr. Brooks. The two older children were thought to have stayed

In Missouri. The two younger, ones— were in Harper County, Oklahoma.

Submitted By: Mrs. E.00 Sander, Longview, Wa.

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 2 Fall 1983 – Seminole War

July 31, 2010

Samuel H. Worthington, and Granville Worthington of Levyville, Levy Co. Fla. were in Enoch Daniels, Detachment in the Seminole War, 1856. Commander, Lieut. Enoch Daniels

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 2 Fall 1983 – Worthington Springs

July 31, 2010

Samuel Worthington of Worthington Springs, Florida was the g.son of the above Samuel and the son of John and Elizabeth (Davis) Worthington b.1785, New Berry S.C. d. Otter Creek, Levy Co. Florida. Samuel was very eccentric and had quite a bit of money for people of that day, his father grew cotton and grew more cotton per acre than any person in New Berry, County and I guess he received his share of the money also when John died. Samuel built a house of oak blocks, and this house was one of the best in that part of Florida. His boys played near the Santa Fee River and near where they lived. One day while digging in the sand, a trickle of water started to flow and they ran home to tell their father. This is where Samuel “built” the Springs

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 2 Fall 1983 – Anna H (Coale) Worthington

July 31, 2010

Anna H. (Coale) Worthington 6 Sept. 1817 d. 21 June 1838 was but 21 years of age, was the wife of Frank Hollingsworth Worthington b. 22 April 1816 d. 11 Jan. 1892. Anna is buried in a very old brick church yard. The church built in 1811. Anna is the only Worthington buried in this cemetery. She is buried beside the Coale family lot, though none of the dates could possibly have been those of her parents, but could have been her brothers and sisters. Her husband Frank H. Worthington, was the son of Charles and Hannah (Yellott) Worthington. The cemetery is located at Nottingham, Cecil Co. Md.

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 4 1983 – Latest Highwayman

December 1, 2009

Latest Highwayman

At a count held on 3rd Oct. 1665 “Mr. Francis Worthington” was amerged (fined) sixpense “for not sweepeing[1] before his Stable Doors”. Vol. 5 p. 77)


[1] Editors Note: Per document

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 3, Page 1 1983 – Worthington, Edward

December 1, 2009

Captain Edward Worthington

Worthington’s Station or Fort in Lincoln County, four mi. S.E. of Danville, Ky settled in 1779 by Capt. Edward Worthington one of the “Long Hunters”. Member of House of Representatives included Edward Worthington in 1818.

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