Tech Tuesday – Pennsylvania Death Index – Follow Up

February 14, 2012

Yesterday I posted a new, to me, resource:

Pennsylvania Death Index

I thought that I would update how to use the website. As mentioned, they use a Russell Soundex for finding people. The fine print on the Russell Soundex Method of Indexing for this website is for Death Record Years: 1920 through 1924 and 1830 through 1951.

I created a Custom Report to help me with that, and here is a sample of that report:


The three records in the red box, WILL use the Russell Soundex. The listing before and after will NOT. Sorting the report by Date was very helpful with finding the Records, as they are grouped by year in the Pennsylvania Death Index.

Finding the records in the PDF file is relatively easy. For example, I was looking for Florence Hoopes Hart. She died in West Chester, Pennsylvania on 19 Nov 1959. So, I selected 1959. This s NOT a Russell Soundex year, so I didn’t have to worry about that.

Once in 1959, I selected H-I-J, as her married name was Hart, an used the down arrow to page 45, which was page 905 of the document.


What was important, for me, about this record is that a cousin, Florence’s daughter, has been looking for birth information about Florence. I am hoping that this record will help my cousin obtain more information about her mother.

Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid of looking at new record groups and take a few minutes to read and understand how to use them.

A special thanks for the state of Pennsylvania in allowing us access to these records. I have found 14 of 15 people so far and about 20 to go.


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