Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 6 Fall 1983 – Rezin Hammond Worthington

July 31, 2010

Additional Information on the wives of REZIN HAMMOND WORTHINGTON: RACHEL SHIPLEY and MARY SHIPLEY were sisters, and daughters of THOMAS CHEW SHIPLEY by his wife ANN GRIFFITH HALL. THOMAS CHEW SHIPLEY was the son TALBOT and RACHEL (nee Owings) CHEW SHIPLEY. (RACHEL was the widow of SAMUEL CHEW). ANN GRIFFITH HALL was the daughter of NICHOLAS and ANN (nee) Griffith Hall.. Nicholas and Ann Hall are buried in at St. Georgels Cemetery, Harford County, Md.

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 1, Page 8 April 1983 – Query 11

March 5, 2009

Want proof of parentage of JAMES WORTHINGTON b. 23 March 1781 in Pa. and his wife Nancy McGRAW b. 16 Sept. 1781 in Pa. They were living in Dunbar Twp. Fayette Co. Pa. in 1810. They were the parents of the following children, all born Fayette County, Pa.

  1. John, b. 1801 m. Ann Sarah Luther
  2. James, b. 1803; m. Ellenor
  3. Isabella, b. 1804p;; m. John Hall 31 August 1826
  4. Charles, b. 1813; m. Rachel Cartright
  5. Lindy (or Luty) b. 1825; m. Rosa Lee Sutherland

In 1836, James and Nancy and sons moved to Lawrence Co. Ohio to install iron furnaces there. They had worked in iron furnaces in Pa. Want proof that the James Worthington listed in 1800 census of Fayette Co., Dunbar Twp. is father of James Worthington, b. 1781. The James Worthington of the 1800 census is believed to be the son of Robert Worthington and his wife Ann. This Robert, known as Bobbie Dunblaen, was the son of Samuel and Sarah Symcock Worthington. Samuel was the son of the immigrant Quaker Robert Worthington and his first wife Alice Taylor.

Mrs. Ralph Della-Volpe
South Rd. Box 51
Millbrook, N.Y. 12545

* Note: This line connects to Governor Thomas Worthington of Ohio who used the motto similar to the one used in our heading for the coat of arms of Capt. John Worthington, “Worthy to bear the dignity of ones ancestors: Frances and Bette. The ancient Puritan family of Samuel Chew who through two of their daughters are my direct ancestors, marrying into the Worthington family through Charles m. Sarah Chew. This fine family have give much recorded history on the Worthingtons and the Chew girls (I) m. John Eager Howard.

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 1, Page 6 April 1983 – Query 3

March 5, 2009

Seek information on THEODORUS (Theodore) HALL, b. abt. 1690 Macclesfield, Cheshire, England abt. 1700 with brother JACOB: settled nr. Philadelphia in vicinity of Bristol on W. side of Delaware River, Bucks Co. Pa. mar. Gertrude Goodwin 29 April 1729 in Philadelphia; owned mill at Southampton, Bucks Co. early 1752. Mrs. Frances Paul Byrne, P.O. Box 105, Point Harbor, N.C. 27964

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