Evidentia V3.1–We’Related APP Input – 2

March 18, 2017

In my last blog post on this topic

Evidentia V3.1–We’Related APP Input – 1

I took the data from my EXCEL spreadsheet and entered that information into the Cousin Tracker Log.

I then created a Source for the We’re Related APP and a Citation for the APP Cousin. (again, not going into the details about how to do this)


The APP cousin name appears in the Citation. As you may be able to see, there are also 2 other We’re Related APP Cousins in this database. The Citation must tell me which APP Cousin the information came from.

I now Catalogue the data from the Spreadsheet into Evidentia.

The Classification of the Claims or Information Items is done with the pull down menu, and the linking the Claims to the Profile or person is done as usual. The results are seen below.


What was really handy is the Mini-Editor that I could put right over the EXCEL Spreadsheet


Now the EXCEL information is now in Evidentia for me to evaluate.

Again, this is not a How To blog or blog post, but my initial experience with this new feature.

Evidentia V3.1–We’Related APP Input – 1

March 17, 2017

In Evidentia V3.1 Cousin Research Tracker first try I got us started in this process, now I am going to start a new Cousin Tracker person, from the We’re Related APP.


I selected New Cousin and select the Pencil (Edit) ICON to start a New Research Log.

I have recorded the information from the APP on my smart phone and entered it into an EXCEL worksheet.


And will enter my side and to my We’re Related Cousin’s side.


I entered the Common Ancestor from my spreadsheet into the MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor fields.


I entered my name the Select Self field and my APP Cousin’s name in the Select Cousin field. Since these three names are NOT in my database, I enter the name and hit the ENTER Key to add the name to this database.

In that list of names in the spreadsheet, I realized that I have some repeated names. So, I added the Birth and Death Year to the Common Ancestor. Since the APP doesn’t provide those dates in the APP, I don’t have those dates. (I don’t have that information, yet)

In the “Your Side” there is a green + sign and Add Descendant Of and a field will be there to enter names. Each name will have the birth and death year, as provided by the APP.

Here is the completed screen.


But, I don’t want reports show this, but it will be helpful when I work a little more with this database.

Once this is Saved, and I close this task, I go to the Manage List ICON and select List Manager.


With the list of individuals appears, I select each of my new entries and remove the Dates from the Name as shown on REPORTS field.


The previous list of cousins, now looks like this.


Here is an example, from my spreadsheet above, as to why I have done the name to include the dates.


I can tell that there were two Nathanial Allen’s and will see that it is a Grandfather / Grandson that I am working with through the rest of process.

So far, I have taken the information from the We’re Related APP and have that information into Evidentia.

I probably will not do may detailed blog posts on the use of Evidentia, like creating a Source, Creating a Citation, inputting the Claims and the other steps of Evidentia. I will do several blog posts on findings along the way.

Evidentia V3.1 Cousin Research Tracker first try

March 15, 2017

I recently  posted Evidentia v3.1 Cousin Research Tracker where I introduced the two new features. The Tracker and the Research Log.

After a quick download and installation, I found where I have access to the new feature. This is the “home” screen, or where Evidentia opened for me. I am looking in the upper right corner ICONS.


A little closer look at the horizontal lines to the left of the Help Menu


This opens Manage List menu.


Selecting the Cousin Research Tracker we are presented with:


Selecting and existing Cousin Research Log, or create a New One. Will show the New Cousin


This looks to me like a great place for the We’re Related APP, where the Common Ancestor would be put into the Most Recent Common Ancestor field.

We then can enter “Your Side” and the “Cousin Side”. I’ll not go into detail here, as I suspect that Ed Thompson will provide us with his continued great documentation and How To Videos.

I do want to point out the “SAVE” ICON (see the arrow), as we need to save our work in this feature. I forgot the first time, and had to redo a couple of entries. My bad, but wanted to share that.

I am going to work on my DNA Entry and my We’re Related entry in the near future.

Evidentia v3.1 Cousin Research Tracker

March 14, 2017


OK, that got my attention. a Cousin Tracker.

Please visit the Evidentia Google+ Community for more information and conversation: http://bit.ly/CR_Evidentia_Community

and the Evidentia Blog post


I had to look. The other term for this feature, “Possibility Tree” according to Ed, the developer. A place for me to put “profiles” that are not ready for my database. A place to start to evaluate their documentation, when found, using the power of this genealogy tool to help me prove this profile.

Two projects that I have been working on that this should be able to help. The We’re Related APP and DNA Results.

Downloaded the update, to bring my version up to Version 3.1.

Not only is the Cousin Tracker included by also Cousin Research Logs.


I will publish a couple of blog posts on how I use this update to Evidentia solve these problems.  I have a DNA relationship to prove and a We’re Related relationship to prove or disprove. As it happens, these to “problems” are in one of my direct ancestor lines.

Please visit the Evidentia website using the link in the Right Column of this blog.


We’re Related–Evidentia to the Rescue

December 11, 2016

As announced earlier today, Evidentia Software, Version 3 is available. There is a link on the right for more information about the program.

I have observed something from the APP that I have been looking into. That is a Female, common ancestor, with the next generation children with two different Surnames. Since the APP uses Birth Surnames, in most cases, I started to mark them to follow up on. I have blogged about a couple of them here.


Phebe Birdsall appears to have been married twice. Once to a Bartlett and once to a Havens. In my APP database, I already had Nathan Bartlett so I know that one was good.

Instead of the pen and paper approach to resolving this, as I had on the earlier one, I thought about firing up the new version of Evidentia.

The first thing I did was to enter, into Evidentia the data from the above spreadsheet.


Nice, colorful screen, nice ICON, very clear. I think, right out of the box for me, it was easier to enter the data.

Then I went to my Ancestry Member Tree and entered the data from there.


Low and behold, right in my Ancestry Member Tree, was the answer. Yes, she had married twice. Looking at the Citation information for Phebe, I was able to look at the Source of the data provided.

I actually found two errors in my data on the AMT and in my genealogy database program. The first is the birth date for Phebe is more accurate in the APP than in my database. The source in my database is where I got the bad data from.

My genealogy database has a new ToDo list to follow up on the relationship between the Bartlett and Haven gentlemen.

Lesson Learned: by attention to the APP, it may help you identify problems in my own database.

Thanks go Evidentia and the APP I have specific issues to resolve that I didn’t even know that I needed to resolve them.

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