Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 5 Fall 1983 – Worthington Springs, Florida

July 31, 2010

SKETCH OF SAMUEL WORTHINGTON (of Worthington Springs, Florida ) b. 1785 New Berry, S.C. d. 1857 Fla. mar. MARY _____His father, JOHN WORTHINGTON SR. NEW BERRY, S.C. His mother ELIZABETH DAVIS, dau. CHESLEY and MARY DAVIS ISSUE: 1 – JOHN 1821. Killed by Indians during the Indian war. 2 – Samuel H. 1823 – 1896 mar. Felicia Brown; 3 – Granville Hickman 1827- 1908 mar. SARAH ANN MARSTON; 4 – MARY ANN 1825 – 1907 mar. Langley Bryant: 5 – MARTHA JANE 1825 – 1906 mar. 1. TOMMY Jones, 2. John Sasser


Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 4, Page 2 Fall 1983 – Worthington Springs

July 31, 2010

Samuel Worthington of Worthington Springs, Florida was the g.son of the above Samuel and the son of John and Elizabeth (Davis) Worthington b.1785, New Berry S.C. d. Otter Creek, Levy Co. Florida. Samuel was very eccentric and had quite a bit of money for people of that day, his father grew cotton and grew more cotton per acre than any person in New Berry, County and I guess he received his share of the money also when John died. Samuel built a house of oak blocks, and this house was one of the best in that part of Florida. His boys played near the Santa Fee River and near where they lived. One day while digging in the sand, a trickle of water started to flow and they ran home to tell their father. This is where Samuel “built” the Springs

Worthington Descendants – Vol 1, No 1, Page 2 April 1983 – Worthington, Noah

August 18, 2008

Noah Worthington let his slaves off at Christmas, until the Yule log burnt. The slaves became smart, and they started soaking the Yule log from October to December.

There were two Noahs: Devil Noah – he had raven black hair and plaited his whiskers. Gentleman Noah was driven by his nephew Devil Noah with his high spirited horses, when he became frightened he asked his hephew to slow down or stop. Devil Noah replied, “I’ll drive these horses straight to —- if you don’t give me $5,000. He received the $5,000.


  • Senator Thomas Worthington under Thomas Jefferson in which he states in a letter to Jefferson in Washington 17 July 1793 – a plan for the capital.
  • Judge William G.D. Worthington b. 1785 m. Eliza Jordon. Judge Worthington was appointed Territorial Governor of Florida by Andrew Jackson.
  • William E. Worthington was the first clerk of the Court of Howard County, MD.
  • According to Richardson “Side Lights of Md. History” p. 255, Captain John Worthington emigrated to Md. in company with his brother Samuel, in the year 1670. The latter settled in Somerset County and left numerous descendants. As of yet we can not document this information. We have the following in our files:

Samuel Worthington 1648 – 1715 married in 1685 Alice Elzey D/O John and Sarah Elzey of Southampton, England

– 1692 Samuel took the oath of sub-sheriff

– 1696 Samuel signed to address the province of Maryland to King William and Queen Mary as Military Officer and Official of Someret County.

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