Was it Reorganizing or part of a Genealogy Do-Over

January 20, 2016


Yesterday, I did a blog post Is re-organizing your files helpful? and there were many, many questions about the content of what I posted. Understand that I only posted maybe one page of the 23 pages in this file. I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on what I learned.

  • Review the information you have in your file(s)

This is not the first time that I have gone back and found information in my database or in my files that I missed the first time around. This example is almost part of the Genealogy Do-Over project that continues among the genealogy community.

  • Share your research

If I received this package around 1997, I was in the early stage of my research so may not have recognized what I should or should not keep track of. Having moved from those early days to now doing some presentations “in public”, either in person or online, I have learned lots. For that past year or so, now teaching. Those students really keep me on my toes.

  • Use Cousin Bait

Blogs are known as being a way to catch those cousins, especially the ones you don’t know. Having an Online Tree, I think falls into this same category. I have shared some information I received from a DNA Match, using an online tree. The recent visit to the Monocacy National Battlefield with “new” cousins.

One of the Queries posted on this blog appears to have made another cousin connection. I knew I wanted to be able to deal with Queries, figured out a way to do that, and a couple of days ago, cone of the comments appears to be a solid cousin connection between two people. How awesome is that.

  • Put your information into context

I read those 23 pages from start to finish. As I read, there were moments of “oh, I knew that” or “OH, I did NOT know that”! I will probably do more blog posts on that later, especially what I posted yesterday. Some eye opening pieces of information, just on that one page.

To wrap this blog post up, there was a comment about a book that the family was working on, “Hell and Beyond”. The letter was written in 1978 and was asking questions about THE BOOK. The family has always talked about it, knew about it and I have the book that was published in 2006. I received my copy with an enclosed letter dated December 7, 2006, Pearl Harbor Day. It was on that day, that the authors father began his “Diary of War and Captivity”. Won’t go into that her, BUT just hours before I found this folder, I have mailed an extra copy of the book to my DNA Cousin. (she doesn’t know it’s coming, so don’t tell her). We had talked about “the book” on the phone earlier in the week.

  • How do we communicate

As many ways as possible. Blogs, Email, Snail Mail, even the telephone. You know those things that hang on the wall in the kitchen?

If I hadn’t posted my tree Online, done a DNA test, posted a private message to my newly found DNA Cousin, who asked me to call her, the letters I have talked about recently, wouldn’t be sitting on my desk waiting to be transcribed, giving me some insight into the lives of my grandparents. You never know when that one person will make contact with you that has the key or small piece of information you have been looking for, will be looking for something you have.

I am guessing that the reaction to the book will be much the same as me finding this folder that I have had for years.


NE Genea-Bloggers gathering at NERGC

April 20, 2013

Made a quick trip to the New England Regional Genealogy Conference  yesterday, to catch up from with some genealogy friends, learn something, and to participate in a Special Interest Group gathering to talk about blogging. Too many Genea-Bloggers for me to list who all was there, because I know that I would miss someone.

A few pictures of the “group” as we started to gather. The room wasn’t a good place for pictures of the whole group, but here are a couple pictures with some comments thrown in.


For example, there are a couple of experienced Bloggers shown above, a “newbee” (at the time of this picture was not YET a blogger), others with websites, and the conversation began.


Our hostess, Heather Wilkinson Rojo of http://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/ led the group discussion. Each participant talked a little about their blog experience or website experience while others shared their interest in blogging.


The group shared how they got started, talked about the various blogging “platforms”, what to look for when starting to blog, how to handle comments, very much a Community Collaboration on the topic of Blogging, especially in genealogy blogging. Clearly a wide range of experience.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t a new blog or two, even now only a couple of hours after this gathering, that are either started or about to start in our community.

What a great evening !!!


Thanks to ALL who shared their experience.

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