We’re Related–Case of Sarah Howard

November 27, 2016

I had to stop and figure out what was wrong with my 6th Great Grandmothers information from the We’re Related APP. Something just want right.

From my EXCEL spread sheet I had recorded


I knew that date wasn’t right. I knew that date to be about 1650, with information about her first husband, Captain John Worthington (1650 – 1701) was being evaluated. I looked at the APP to make sure that I hadn’t transposed 1651 and 1668, which still didn’t make sense.

Where did that 1668 date come from?

I look at my Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) to see if there was a hint there.


And there was my 1650 entry, BUT also an Alternate Birth Date of 1668. So, maybe the APP picked up the ALT Birth Date.

I then looked at the Source of the 1668 Entry to see were I got that information from.


Citation Information
P Fazzini created memorial on the Find-A-Grave website – 11/12/2010
Sarah Howard Worthington (1668 – 1726) – Find-A-Grave Memorial # 61494565

The Find A Grave website has the Birth year of 1668, but has that Sarah married Capt John in 1668.

It would appear that the APP picked up the Find A Grave website information for Sarah Howard’s birth year.

The entry for Sarah Dorsey (Sarah Howard’s mother), in my database did not have a birth year.

Looking at the surrounding family information, I need to go back and do some research.

This may also be a matter of two “Sarah” females living in the same area at the same time. The question for the We’re Related cousin was similar, as on the surface, it appears that the 2nd Sarah Dorsey was married twice.

Sarah Dorsey (1651 – 1692), according to the APP, married a Howard and married a Greenberry. Both are possible, as those names were in the same area.

Bottom line here: It’s worth looking at the information in the APP and Evaluate it against my own research.


We’re Related–Two Abigail Gale’s

November 25, 2016

In reviewing one of the Common Ancestors, I think that I have found that there were Two Abigail Gale (1662 – 1769).


So, I have two lines with the common Ancestor of Abigail Gale (1682 – 1769)

Based on the children’s names, it Jonas Jackson and Lydia Hooper, that Abigail may have married twice. That is what got my attention to look into this further.

Did she marry twice ?

The children birth dates didn’t help, Jonas Jackson about 1721, and Lydia Hooper about 1716. On the surface, they could be siblings.

Looking for Jonas, I found him on the Find A Grave website:

Find-A-Grave — Jonas Jackson, Sr

This clearly has the relationships, but Abigale Gale Jackson’s birth was in 1698 and died in 1769. Italic “Gale” in a birth Surname. The DEATH Date is the Same as from the We’re Related APP, birth date is different.

Further down this line, is Moses Jackson, as the Son of Jonas.

Looking at the Find-A-Grave family links shows me, that this Abigail Gale may not be the SAME as the Common Ancestor.

There was only one hint for the 2nd Abigail Gale for a North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 book, which has a write up for this second family. It would appear that the We’re Related APP picked up on THIS Abigail Gale, as the Birth and Death Years agree with the APP.

The Birth Dates are different, the married names were different, but the Death Date and the Birth Names are the same. Colonial Massachusetts is also common between the two.

For this example: my current thinking is that there are TWO Abigail Gales. (1682 – 1769) and (1698 – 1769)

We’re Related APP Project–25 Nov 2016 Update

November 25, 2016

I am taking a few minutes to report on the progress of this project. I continue to see how this APP belongs in my Genealogy Tool Box.


You can see, over time, how much information is available from this APP. With plenty of Hints to work on.

The Collaboration part of this project has also begun. One person completed what he knows of his family, and I have made some adjustments to my instructions based on his feedback.

The breakdown of Categories are:


What that image didn’t capture was 3 Presidents and one Presidents wife. So far, my one known President hasn’t shown up yet.

Two observations, that others may have noticed. Its “helpful” to have Colonial Ancestors in your online tree. That tree may be Public or Private but many of mine go back into the 1600’s.

The second observation has to do with the Common Ancestor being a Female. I have made note of this, to look into further. It appears that some of these female ancestors may have married twice. That is what I looks like, but I am closely looking into this.

As a bonus, I have seen several of these Common Ancestors are connected to several of my “new” cousins.

This is still a work in progress, but I will be able to take a number of my known Ancestors back several more generations, when this project is completed. But, this is giving me a tool to help be get there.

We’re Related APP Status–21 Nov 2016

November 22, 2016

Just a quick update on this project. What I have been doing is to started to Prove or Disprove the information from the We’re Related APP.


Of the 28 persons that I have been able to confirm or prove, The APP provided accurate information on 27 of 28 person’s Birth Date. The one missing is me. The APP did not provide the Birth Date. In reality, I have confirmed 27 of 27 Birth Dates.

Death Dates, I have been able to locate, so far, 26 of 27 Death Dates from the APP, and I am still around. Missing one.

I have 2 names, where I haven’t found a record what has the exact name that came from the APP.

Having said that, there are 2,139 hints that I am working on, and 352 people with hints. Lots of Ancestry.com Records to locate.

As a reminder, this is NOT a fully documented Tree, It is only trying to check the accuracy of the APP. Can I find an online record, at Ancestry.com that validates the information provided by the APP.

Is it perfect, NO. I have 40 Questions that I have observed that I will follow up on. There are a couple, 2 or 3, “end of the line” people that I need to look into, where I am not sure the information is correct.

The good news is that I WILL have a list of people, from this Tree, that will become work items in my working / master file.

The distribution of these Common Ancestor lines is looking pretty good. All 8 of my Great Grandparents have been covered in these trees and 12 of 16 of my Great, Great Grandparents are covered.

I will summarize later one, what many additional generations I will be adding to my working file.

My only other comment at this point, is that I have found a number of ancestors from “across the pond”. I only had a few lines that went back that far, but am adding additional generations and can see hints for records from the U.K.

Several Online Book, about these families will be very helpful when I go back and revisit my own file. I am not looking at them for this project. For example: North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000: has 65 Hints for me to review.

My concentration are MY lines from the APP. I am not spending too much time on the “cousin” connection line. I have looked at some of the Non-Facebook Friends lines. Its when I do that, that I have found some of the questionable relationships.

So far, I have not found a “can’t happen” relationship with the Common Ancestor connections. I have noted them and they are on my ToDo / Task list for follow up.

I still am willing to spend the time to Prove / Disprove the Value, for finding those hints and be able to provide some numbers behind the project and the APP. It continues to be positive work, for me at least.

All Facts are documented and the built in Data Error Report has 24 errors, with a high percentage of them coming from the APP where a Person is still alive, so the data is marked private. The positive part about the “errors” is that I have been able to remove some of the APP Errors, where the APP did not provide Birth or Death Dates, while the records I am finding, to prove of disprove the APP is resolving some of the APP errors.

As I have heard it said “It’s ALL Good”

All caught up with this part of the We’re Related APP

November 17, 2016

On 16 Nov 2016, DearMYRTLE actually stayed home to host Wacky Wednesday about the APP. It was a great discussion. Please watch and join in the conversation in the Unified Chat if you have questions or comments. All you need to do is “register” and you will be taken to the recording, but the comments are there for you.

DearMYRTLE’s Wacky Wednesday – 16 Nov 2016

Just as a review, I have made a number of blog posts on this subject already:

25 Oct 2016 — The Ancestry We’re Related APP

08 Nov 2016 — The Ancestry “We’re Related” APP–Update

08 Nov 2016 — The Ancestry “We’re Related” APP–Update

12 Nov 2016 — We-re Related APP–Update

14 Nov 2016 — We’re Related APP–Update

I continue to be very encouraged with the results of the We’re Related APP. I have 39 Cousins in the APP, all but 10 of my initial list have been returned. All of the information from the Spreadsheet / Google Sheets are now in my genealogy database, starting to work for me.

The work involves bringing Ancestry.com HINTS to me. My task now is to use those hints to Prove or Disprove that data that has been provided by the APP. Of the 711 people in my database 329 of them have at last one hint. Looking at the linked Online Tree, there are 1,745 Record Hints, 537 Photo Hints, and 51 Story Hints to those 711 people.

I am beginning to work up my lines back to the 39 Common Ancestors finding those records to prove or disprove the information. 20 of the 39 We’re Related Cousins, I was within 1 generation of that common ancestor. The good news, I have hints to confirm that last generation which will be incorporated into my master database.

I haven’t seen any glaring problems so far. I have a couple of questionable lines, from the common ancestor to the new cousin, but I’ll deal with that as I go.

Two observations: 1) My name was changed from my Facebook Name to my Ancestry Member Tree Name, 2) The last entry in the APP screen for the new cousin, has some key information in it. For example: one of my “cousins” is not my cousin, but the Spouse is. Looking at the information on the screen clarified that the previous entry was the Mother, where the cousin’s name was female, and the relationship said Son. So, watch the details.

What is clear to me, so far, is that for a number of generations back, the APP is matching Ancestry Member Trees. Those trees can be Private or Public. What will be interesting to see, is where is the data coming from to make that last generations appear in my “line”.

I have been able to point out to one of my cousin’s that they may have a data entry that they might want so look at, and with that same cousin, who has NOT appeared in my list yet, who else they might be related to, based on my database. We know that we are related, and most likely in several ways, so it will be interesting to see which relationship shows up.

I have also had the APP CONFIRM and DNA Match, and I just found, from the APP, why the Ancestry.Com was giving me a DNA Circle. I didn’t know the surname for the Circle, but I do now. The 2nd DNA Circle that I have may also be connected with data from this APP.

I have been fine tuning the Ancestry Member Tree a little, to provide enough information that a new cousin could help complete their piece of the tree. Also, if a We’re Related APP Cousin is interested, I’ll be happy to Invite them as a Guest to the Tree, and if they want to collaborate in documenting the data from the APP, I’d be happy to have them join in the fun.

Here is my current summary of data:


Thee are only my observation, so far, on this APP. I am encouraged enough to continue to see how good the data is that we are provided with from the APP.

We’re Related APP–Update

November 14, 2016

All of my new Cousin’s are now in my database;


This is taking information only from the APP and adding the names and dates to ONE file, of all of the Cousin’s to date.

another view


Round 1 I had capture in an EXCEL Spreadsheet, so I had the data, and Round 2 was the group (7) that were not in the first round. 12 of the 35 were in before I lost the list but have reappeared.

I just finished entering the data for everyone, got the numbers that you see and had synced my database with my Online Tree.

What was fun here, is watching Hints appear as I entered the date in my program, but then to look at the hints in the Online Tree.

There is plenty of work to do, to prove how good this APP really is.

I hope to track how well my Non-Facebook Cousin’s information is, vs the Facebook Cousins. From what I can tell, the Facebook Cousins information comes from THEIR Online Trees. Matching my tree with theirs to come up with the common ancestor. I am guessing that someone created online trees for the famous people. 22 of the 35 are Facebook cousins.

My next task is to Document my own line, of one of the Famous Cousin’s then follow the information from the APP down to that cousin. I will be looking to prove or disprove the information from the APP, Names, and Dates. I will look to find one or two RECORDS for each item provided. Not a complete research, but to see how well this APP has worked.

Based on the Data Error Report that my program provides, there are not many errors that appeared. The ones that I do have, are, for the most part, from my Facebook cousins.

The really good news here, is that the APP has given me a number of Ancestors that I didn’t know about before. 20 of the Common Ancestors I have already, or one generation after what I already had, leaving 15 more lines that take me back further.

NOTE: As I write this, I should related that I have learned how to use the Ancestry search engine and the Value of the Shaky Leaf Hints. I almost come to rely on them. For this project, I am only going to use Shaky Leaf Hints. I am letting the Ancestry.com search engine FIND the records for me, then I will evaluate them to see if that hint is really mine. With 1,296 Record Hints waiting for me know, this should not be too difficult.

Stay tuned

We-re Related APP–Update

November 12, 2016

This has been a fun project. I thought I would pause for a moment and see how it is working.

As a reminder, last weekend my APP crashed so I had to start over. The good news is that I had created an EXCEL spreadsheet to see IF I really wanted to spend time playing around with the APP.

Here is a Status of the work to date:


I have collected 35 We’re Related cousins. This data does not include information from 8 of them. The data is from my Genealogy Program as of a few minutes ago, but captured since 4 Nov 2016. I didn’t start recording this when I started and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to capture for a status, so there are many blank fields.

I have entered 27 of the Cousins information into my database. All 4 of my Grandparents are represented in these relationships.

This chart doesn’t show, but 17 of the 35 We’re Related cousins were already in my database with another 8 I was 1 generation short of the Common Ancestor. So in my real database, I can go back one more generation on those 8 people.

Of the 512 people in this database, I have 200 of them with Hints in my Software, and 1,052 Record Hints in the Online Tree. Not to mention 367 Photos and 22 Stories. Lots of data to work with, to prove or disprove this APP.

What I have learned, so far, is that I think I can use this Online Tree as a way to collaborate with another family researcher. I have my “rules” that I use for my databases, and have found a way to make that information available in the Online Tree. My File Notes in my Program are part of the Ancestry Member Tree. I also have figured a way to share my ToDo list in the Ancestry Member Tree.

My thought here, is making those two items, and probably more later, available to one of my We’re Related Cousins, and have that cousin work one or two HINTS to prove or disprove the data from the APP. My thought here is that this cousin would know their family better than I, they could look at the hints and be able to quickly evaluate if that record was for that ancestor and add that additional piece of information to their ancestors profile. Not to create massive tree, just so that I can determine if the information from the APP was Accurate or Not. All I am thinking of at the moment, is to have one record, or the best record to document dates and / or relationships to say yes the APP was right or the APP was wrong. The merging of the Data from Ancestry will provide the Citation information, so that stressful task is out of the picture.

A Collaboration Tree, of course, would go into much more detail, but I am only trying to determine IF I can communicate with the cousin enough to make this work.

It would be my hope that the Comment section of the Online Tree, per profile, would help communicate specific issues for a person.

ONE Observation about the APP:

It does NOT appear to be static. Meaning that I recorded the information when these items first appeared. I had a question on one of the people in the tree, looked at the APP again, and the Common Ancestor CHANGED. In this case, the first go ‘round, it was the wife who was the Common Ancestor. I didn’t know the father or husband, but HE was the Common Ancestor the 2nd time. It actually made more sense with the updated version, so my guess is that Ancestry.com is tweaking the APP.

I only have one of the 27 trees that I have put into may database what I have questions about. I have a couple of individuals whose data I question. From the couple that I looked at, including one of mine, it was a Data Entry problem, not a research result problem.

So far the APP looks very promising. I am hoping to develop a model tree so that I could collaborate with a Cousin.

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