Finally Get Organized–Part 1, Change of Plans

March 5, 2016


Way back in mid December, I wrote a blog post about my DNA Results

DNA Update

followed by what I received by Snail Mail

Look what I received in the mail

There were a couple of other Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs) along the way. The came Roots Tech where the big BSO showed up. That was a visit to the Mayflower booth at RootsTech were I was told I had Mayflower ancestors. I do have a couple in my database, on of which would have been for my son-in-law. The data I was given looked weird, but who can do any analysis at that event.

BUT the good news, I created a new database to prove that I did, in fact, have Mayflower ancestors. The mote I looked at the data, the more I KNEW something was fishy in New England somewhere. But I did have the data back just so far.

In the meantime, I am also looking at the letters in that package I received at Christmas time.  Had several conversations with my newly found 2nd cousin. Now, every time I speak with her, she tells my “you have got to get out here”.

Now, I do hangout with DearMYRTLE, so I am ready this Getting Organized Check List stuff (for my 2nd time through this), when the lightbulb went on, why not use the 5 generation concept, to really clean up back to my Great Grandfather and fill in the gaps for myself, BUT also that would get me to really look at my 2nd cousin’s family as well.

My goal for this Getting Organized project, is to be able to create a book to take with me to Colorado when I go to visit my cousin.

I’ll stop here, for now. Stay tuned for the Rest of the Story.

FINALLY Get Organized

March 4, 2016

You may have seen this image around your Genealogy circles or from your Genealogy / Family Researching friends. It’s a project created and re-created by DearMYRTLE, my cousin.


She Blog as a tab for this project at FINALLY Get Organized

I’m not one for following all of the rules, but try to handle this type of challenge that works best for me.

I have been working on keeping my research organized and up to date. Not always there, but trying. We each have our own system or use the check lists from DearMYRTLE to create our own.

The 2nd weeks Check List FINALLY Get Organized! Jan 10th-16th Checklist had is start by working on, or get organized to work on, four (4) generations.

The focus was by surname. Sorry Myrt, I can’t do that. First I rarely use paper, don’t use the 3-ring binder system, but I do have my Genealogy Database management program that works for me.

In that blog post there was one of our Wacky Wednesday Hangouts “Is there life beyond Family Tree Maker?” That was  an awesome view of stepping back for a few minutes and really look at how we deal with our research technology. I had so much fun with that program, that I gave a similar presentation on that same topic at my local Family History Interest Group in January 2016.

BUT, I am going to start a series of Blog Posts, right here, on how I am working with this concept of getting organized. The concept of working with 5 Generations, is starting to pay off.

I am in a little of a “catch up” mode, but when this “Getting Organized” didn’t have the meaning that it has now. I will share that experience in this series.

Technology Tuesday–Have you checked your Picture CDs

March 1, 2016


The other day, my daughter asked me if I had any photos of a friend of hers (and mine). Sure, I said. But ….

The end of the story is, “yes, I did”. But ….

How many of us have Picture CD’s from the 1990’s? Have you tried to view those CD’s on your current computer ?

I had been using Seattle FilmWorks. Send them a roll of film and you got your pictures back on a CD. You may have gotten physical pictures and perhaps the negatives.

Here is a link to what Wikipedia has to say. Please take a look at that article if you used them. Oh, and pull a CD out of your archives and see if you can View the images.

What is a .SWF file ? It is NOT a JPG file or any other photo viewer that we might look at on our computer. Yes, there is a program on the CD, but have you tried to use is?

I am guessing, that like, me, we forgot to update our technology so that we can see those images now. But, that’s only 16 years ago, right?

Not done with the bad news yet. Seattle FilmWorks had a name change to PhotoWorks. They used the same SFW file format.

Try to find a Windows based program to move from SFW to JPG or something my computer can run. I found a Mac program and a Unix program, but not Windows. I did find a couple programs that did one image at a time, or ones that cost money. I figured there had to be some website with a downloadable program. I then remembered the name change. So, I searched for PhotoWorks.

I found PhotoWorks Version 2.41 at  downloaded it and spent some time learning how to use it.

The good news is, that not only have I been able to convert my SFW files to JPG, but there is an Album that can be opened with that program. The trick is learning where to find that file.

The biggest issue is to learn how the program works and where to put your SFW file and where do you want them to be stored.

The steps I am using:

  • Create an EXCEL file with Date and “Roll” number from label on the Disk
  • Create a Folder on my Hard Drive, Photo Folder in the Library
  • Folder Name format I used is YYYY-MM-DD-Roll Number
  • Copied from CD to PC
  • Converted SFW to JPG
  • Added a description of the content of that CD


As you can see, I have a lot of work to do, but I will have them converted and Inventoried. The picture at the top of this blog post is one of those images.

Lesson Learned: Keep up with the Technology

And my “Current Thinking Is …”

February 26, 2016

There were two very important things about this photo:

  • The Photo is in archival sheets
  • The Photo is documented

This may make no sense to you, but I have been working on a mystery. That is how did my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother meet.


I knew about the Cottonwood Friends Church and that my Great Grandparents were married there 27 Feb 1872. But, that note is the hint I was looking for.

Reeves & Garland families went to church here. Elizabeth W. Leeds met the Reeves & Garland families here. Samuel & Catharine Reeves Worthington were married here.

The Reeve and Garland families moved to Kansas, from Tennessee between 1859 and 1861. Why, is still up in the air. I hadn’t gotten far enough to realize that the Garlands were there as well.

Job Whitall Reeve and Hannah Lucinda Garland are my 2nd great grandparents. Their youngest child was born in 1859, and Job died in Kansas in 1861. That is how I know the time frame.

Elizabeth Willits Worthington Leeds was my Great Grandfather Samuel Worthington’s mother. Lots more about her, but that’s another story.

So, “my current thinking is” that my great grandparents met “at church”, or more appropriately “at meeting”.

Unwrapping of a Photo CD from my cousin

February 26, 2016

Will share my first viewing of some photos I just received from my cousin. There are over 500 photos on this CD. Just going to share what I am seeing for the first time


What’s Your Ancestral Name Number ?

January 28, 2016

Back in 2012, a number of Genea-Bloggers did a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun series. It was generated by a weekly challenge by Randy Seaver, on his Genea-Musings Blog.

I was up for the challenge.

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – What’s Your Ancestral Name Number?

Here is the chart from 2012.

















































That wasn’t too bad, but like “they” say, but what have I don’t recently. So, with a challenge by another Genea-Blogger Shannon Thomas. I thought I would “run the numbers” again.

Please visit Shannon’s blog post

2015 Legacy Stats

Here are my 2015 numbers, as I haven’t been able to do research for those missing gaps in 2016, yet.

Generation Number Found Percentage
1 1 1 100%
2 2 2 100%
3 4 4 100%
4 8 8 100%
5 16 16 100%
6 32 28 88%
7 64 39 61%
8 128 58 45%
9 256 62 24%
10 512 72 14%
Total 1,023 290 28%

I’ll take a 2% increase. Haven’t really been doing research for new people, but have spent more time looking for stories and verifying the data I already have. But I have blogged about some of that.

So, What is YOUR Ancestral Name Number ?

What did I learn ?

January 21, 2016

In this blog post Is re-organizing your files helpful ? what did I learn ?


The first think that I learned is that my Dads brothers were involved it putting together information that they knew or learned from “some body”. My Uncle Bob was the author of the letter, but typed my his brother’s wife, my aunt. So, it was a “family response” from the Pennsylvania cousins.

A couple of the Pennsylvania Cousins are missing here. There were 5 siblings, my two aunts and my Dad was not part of this letter. Now, my parents had moved to New Jersey about 20 years earlier, so they may not have been aware of what was going to in response to a letter they are responding to. But, why the two aunts not mentioned?

What IS very interesting is that then names throughout the letter were written in such a way that you can tell to the players are, which person referred to. In this part of the letter, names were spelled out. Someone knew how to communicate to a genealogist. Cousin Frances was the genealogist, having picked that up from her mother. For me, knowing the players, it was very clear who they were talking about.

Clearly, the writer and the reader were Quaker. Growing up Thee, Thy, were very common terms used in the faith but also in the family. Every once in a while I hear those words from the remaining sibling.

Another Quaker tradition was how some of the dates were recorded. “2nd Mo. 15-1872”. Not quite the traditional format, but the 1978 way of recording a Quaker date.

What I didn’t know, nor have I seen before was a hint where he, my Uncle Bob, wrote

“The children were not a11 together at all times with Samuel and Sarah C. prior to their deaths. This is understandable as both Samuel and Sarah died of tuberculosis and were in failing health for several years. Several letters from Sarah C. Worthington disclose these facts:”

What caught my attention was “the children were not all together at all times”. How sat and the parents both died of tuberculosis. There are several new bits and pieces in the “several letters” that I will share later.

Comments like “in my father’s handwriting” is awesome, with “fall of 1896”.

Got a kick out of this question:

Does thee remember hearing about H. Russell and J. Wistar and the other children going out on the prairie to gather “Buffalo chips” to use as fuel in the stove?

The quote points out how the names were very clear as to who they were, but it also reflect the living experience of the 1880’s living in Kansas. Buffalo Chips ???

Here’s a good one.

Does thee have a picture of the log cabin in which our fathers were born?


I believe that is the picture he was talking about. My cousin would have drawn, in charcoal, a picture of this picture.

The published book, was really cousin’s collaborating using the tools of the day. Oh wait, that wasn’t that long ago.

I am reminded that “not everything is online”. In this case, some things are nicely filed away in your organized filing system, just waiting to be (re) looked at.


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