A Question for Evidentia (part 2)

July 24, 2016

This is part 2 of a series on my use of the Evidentia Software Program. To see more about this program, click on the link in the Right Menu panel.

To start this project, I wanted to take inventory of where I am and how I got here. Two things became very clear, right up front.

  • The use of a Research Log
  • The “accessed date” in the Citation

Here is the research log for (for now) Person 1


Notice that there are Find A Grave and Find A Grave Index entries. I handle those two types of records differently.

Also, this points out a little my overall research strategy, built of relationships and the FFAN (Friends, Family, Associates, and Neighbors) Club, through Census Records and Find A Grave Records. These two records help be determine if other records are “my person”, because of the relationships these two records can show me.

Person 2


Notice the lack of Find A Grave records. That is a clue for me. Perhaps an alert that I need to keep an eye open for something.

Person 3


Back with the Census and Find A Grave records.

I should note two things about the two types of Find A Grave records.

When I do a Merge of data from the Ancestry.com Find A Grave Index, there may be data in the Web Merge that does NOT appear on the screen at the beginning of the Merge. Careful review of the Information that is brought in from the merge is very important.

The information from the Find A Grave website is a Manual selection of Data that is presented from the website. Birth, Death, and Burial Facts are then merged into my database. But, most of the time, there are links to other people on the Find A Grave website, which is good news and bad news. One bad link to the wrong person, may cause issues, in that the relationship may not exist in reality.

Oh, I did a Webinar on how I use Find A Grave. This is a subscription based website, but you can access it from that link and Selecting View by Presenter on this link.

My next step, is to put these research entries into an EXCEL spreadsheet. I will blog about that in the next update on this project.

A Question for Evidentia (part 1)

July 23, 2016

As some of you know, and I have blogged about this before, I use the Genealogy Software Program Evidentia. See the link on the right side of the page.

I use it when I have conflicting information in my research or a genealogy question that is difficult to answer. I causes me to look at my Source Information from a different point of view.

Well, I have one of those questions and I thought I would use Evidentia to help me with this question. I thought that I would walk through this problem and how I help resolve this problem with this program.

I have three people in my existing file, a male and two females. I while ago, I made a To Do entry:


I had started with one person, but that person, looking at the records, had two names. On 10 July 2016, I recognized that there was a problem. It bothered me so much, that I made two person records in my genealogy software program, where I too the record with the name Lucy H, and the second one Emma _____ (meaning, unknown birth surname.

As I was reviewed each entry there was something, in my evaluation of the new information that something wasn’t right, but didn’t know what. Most of the information “looked right”, but on the 10th I split my information.

I have a “husband” with one or two wives, or there is another relationship (husband) that I haven’t identified.

Between the 3, I have 15 to 20 records that I have looked at, and a few records that aren’t available to me (on line) or I just haven’t found the right record for the answer.

I will be doing a series of blog posts on how I use Evidentia to help resolve this problem.

Stay Tuned.

There’s an APP for that / Find A Grave

July 6, 2016

I have been a contributor for the Find A Grave website for a long time. Posted Memorials, taken photographs, and used it as a research tool. I have used the Find A Grave APP since it first came out (in Beta) years ago. Always on my smart phone.

But, last fall I purchased a “Blue Tooth” enabled vehicle.

I am currently working on a research project that I have talked about here of late. Needless to say, this local family is in many local cemeteries. I know where most of them are already but I was challenged with a cemetery that I hadn’t visited before. The Find A Grave website did not have an address, only a town and county name. Not helpful.

I had visited two cemeteries and really wanted to visit this third one. As is my custom, I get as much information as possible before I ‘hit the road’, and this was no exception. I thought I knew about where the cemetery was, knew were several others are in the area, but I just couldn’t find this one.

I stopped driving about about an hour earlier than I would have in the past and thought, why not use the Find A Grave APP, on my Blue Tooth enabled radio. Pulled up the Find A Grave App, went to the Map, which showed the Cemeteries “in the area” and there was the listing I had seen on the website.

I noticed that I could get directions from the APP. It uses Google Maps and started to talk to my mode of transportation. I followed the voice’s instructions, right up to the front gate of the Cemetery (without any signs with the Cemetery Name). No wonder I didn’t know where it was. It wasn’t marked.


As the saying goes “There’s an App for that”.

Evidentia Software deal

April 29, 2016


I have First made a number of blog posts on my use of this GREAT  software program, Evidentia. I use it fore those difficult people the I find and really need to focus on the Documents in hand, really looking at the Claims those documents have to offer, in order to answer those difficult questions.

EvodentiaSoftwar.com is a special deal for us going to the NGS Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and those of us who are not able to attend.

May 1st through May 10th Evidentia Software will offer free shipping; after all, conference attendees wouldn’t have to pay shipping costs if they purchased in the vendor hall, and free shipping doesn’t impact your commission.

Second, we typically offer the $29.99 software package for $25 at conferences, a savings of 16%. Evidentia will offer a 16% coupon off everything in our store on those same dates – May 1st – 10th.

I will update this post when I receive the coupon code. In the meantime, there is a link to the EvidentiaSoftware website for you to take a look at.

At checkout, please us THIS COUPON CODEWORTHY2BE for your discount

The Evidentia Companion is a great book AND the QuickSheet Guide is AWESOME.

TechTuesday – Ancestry Photo Hints

March 15, 2016
Not too long ago, I made this blog post, on my Family Tree Maker blogs:
An Observation in Ancestry Member Trees (AMT)

I wanted to bring that conversation and experience over here, not the FTM2014 part but the AMT Photo conversation and how I am using those Photo Hints for my current project.

I just pulled my Hints from on Ancestry Member Tree:


There are 10 Photo Hints right now. I hadn’t paid too much attention to them, until I made the discovery in that other blog post.

I started to pay attention to those hints. The 10 that are there now, are mine from another Online Tree. I am going to leave there, because they are special and I want to handle them specifically.

A couple of days ago, some of my photos from that other AMT showed up. Hey wait a minute, I already have that picture in my other file, why not bring them into the file that I am working on. So I did. So what, my own photos from another tree. BUT ….

I had just added a few new people, folks that I haven’t research at all, new to me, but were family, not far off of the branch I was working on. Not following up, (YET) There were a number of Photo Hints, so I looked at them. They were “my people” but for that branch. I accepted them, not yet sure who I submitted them, BUT I am marking them as Private in my database so that they can’t be seen online.

Why, you ask? This Post Card.


Russ Worthington Photographs from AMT, 08 March 2016; privately held by H R Worthington, Hackettstown, New Jersey, 2016.  Kenneth Hays Hylton 1937 Post Card to Alethia Carr.

Notice, it is cited, but I hide the names.  This is important in that the addressee (TO; ) had the young lady’s maiden name and where she lived at the time. All I knew, before this post card was her married name, from another photo what had been a Photo Hint.

“Hays: was single in the 1930 Census, I had him and in West Virginia. The photos were marked, from the description with that photo that came to me from the hint. Sorry the other side of the Post Card wasn’t included because I think it was from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Three Photo Hints are helping me put the pieces together. Not now, but later.  Because of the relationship in my database that this post card helped my establish, I received about 5 more Hints to follow, when I am ready to research that twig.

Lesson Learned: Check out those Photo Hints.

Technology Tuesday–Have you checked your Picture CDs

March 1, 2016


The other day, my daughter asked me if I had any photos of a friend of hers (and mine). Sure, I said. But ….

The end of the story is, “yes, I did”. But ….

How many of us have Picture CD’s from the 1990’s? Have you tried to view those CD’s on your current computer ?

I had been using Seattle FilmWorks. Send them a roll of film and you got your pictures back on a CD. You may have gotten physical pictures and perhaps the negatives.

Here is a link to what Wikipedia has to say. Please take a look at that article if you used them. Oh, and pull a CD out of your archives and see if you can View the images.

What is a .SWF file ? It is NOT a JPG file or any other photo viewer that we might look at on our computer. Yes, there is a program on the CD, but have you tried to use is?

I am guessing, that like, me, we forgot to update our technology so that we can see those images now. But, that’s only 16 years ago, right?

Not done with the bad news yet. Seattle FilmWorks had a name change to PhotoWorks. They used the same SFW file format.

Try to find a Windows based program to move from SFW to JPG or something my computer can run. I found a Mac program and a Unix program, but not Windows. I did find a couple programs that did one image at a time, or ones that cost money. I figured there had to be some website with a downloadable program. I then remembered the name change. So, I searched for PhotoWorks.

I found PhotoWorks Version 2.41 at www.photoworks.com  downloaded it and spent some time learning how to use it.

The good news is, that not only have I been able to convert my SFW files to JPG, but there is an Album that can be opened with that program. The trick is learning where to find that file.

The biggest issue is to learn how the program works and where to put your SFW file and where do you want them to be stored.

The steps I am using:

  • Create an EXCEL file with Date and “Roll” number from label on the Disk
  • Create a Folder on my Hard Drive, Photo Folder in the Library
  • Folder Name format I used is YYYY-MM-DD-Roll Number
  • Copied from CD to PC
  • Converted SFW to JPG
  • Added a description of the content of that CD


As you can see, I have a lot of work to do, but I will have them converted and Inventoried. The picture at the top of this blog post is one of those images.

Lesson Learned: Keep up with the Technology

Press Release – Evidentia Software

January 4, 2016

I don’t normally do Press Releases in the blog, but, I use the program and have blogged about it. I even have a link to get directly to the website. So, if you  are interested in the software or the Companion to the program, here’s your chance. Mine is ordered


Evidentia Software is now accepting pre-orders for The Evidentia Companion

(Matthews, NC) January 4, 2016 – Evidentia Software is now accepting pre-orders for the book, The Evidentia Companion.  Written by lead designer Ed Thompson, The Evidentia Companion is the perfect complement to the Evidentia desktop application. The software helps users organize their information so it can be  used as evidence, then helps users find answers to their research questions.

The book details the 4 tasks that define the Evidentia workflow.  

  1. Identify a Source

  2. Catalogue the Source

  3. Analyze Evidence

  4. Write a Conclusion

With over 100 screen shot images, the book helps users become productive with Evidentia as quickly as possible, focusing on the features that support the 4 tasks.

In addition to the book, Evidentia Software is offering The Evidentia Quickstart Guide, a laminated quick sheet that supplements the book by distilling the 4 tasks into 4 pages for quick reference.

Evidentia Software is offering has created the coupon code “PRE-ORDER”, which will discount purchases from the website 15%. Bundled discounts are also available.

For more information, or to purchase the book and/or quick start guide, go to http://evidentiasoftware.com/companion.

Edward Thompson
Evidentia Software, LLC

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