Evidentia V3.1–We’Related APP Input – 2

In my last blog post on this topic

Evidentia V3.1–We’Related APP Input – 1

I took the data from my EXCEL spreadsheet and entered that information into the Cousin Tracker Log.

I then created a Source for the We’re Related APP and a Citation for the APP Cousin. (again, not going into the details about how to do this)


The APP cousin name appears in the Citation. As you may be able to see, there are also 2 other We’re Related APP Cousins in this database. The Citation must tell me which APP Cousin the information came from.

I now Catalogue the data from the Spreadsheet into Evidentia.

The Classification of the Claims or Information Items is done with the pull down menu, and the linking the Claims to the Profile or person is done as usual. The results are seen below.


What was really handy is the Mini-Editor that I could put right over the EXCEL Spreadsheet


Now the EXCEL information is now in Evidentia for me to evaluate.

Again, this is not a How To blog or blog post, but my initial experience with this new feature.

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