QUERY: Worthington, Charles Campbell

Submitted on 2017/02/06 at 8:44 pm
Comment Hello Russ and Derrick, Charles Campbell Worthington of NY and Shawnee-on-Delaware PA had a Daughter Alice Rice Worthington from his second marriage. She married and divorced Lionel Noah. I’ll see if I can find a Took or Tucker.

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  1. Janet Worthington Dudones says:

    I got blown out leaving a comment, so will do it again. I found that CC Worthington’s son Reginald 1888-1960 married Eva Whitcomb b1891 in Florida and died 1920 at Smithfield(Shawnee.)
    They had 2 daughters, Elizabeth (Betty) and. Louise (July 7, 1915 born in PA and died April 13 1954 in Abington Montgomery PA). Louise married Henry Tucker III. Their daughter Alice as born Jan 1, 944.

    CC Worthington was Louise’s grandfather. My father, Edward H Worthington Jr was her first cousin. I am a few year’s younger than Alice, so we may have met at Shawnee together when we was very little. Reg and Eva divorced, and he married Helen Braun.

    . CC and his children owned the Buckwood Inn and Shawnee Country Club in Shawnee-and-Delaware PA. I have lots of info on Shawnee the family businesses
    and Worthington history.


    • Russ Worthington says:


      I’ll have to check my database and see what I have or don’t have. Thank you.

      I am about 15 miles from Shawnee on the Delaware. Great place to visit.

      Thank you,


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