We’re Relater–Update

Lots of work going on. But thought that I would stop for a moment and give an update. The numbers below are from a hand count, so they may be off a little.

Direct Line Ancestors


In Existing Database


Not in Existing Database


Common Ancestors


In Existing Database


Not in Existing Database


Common Ancestors Famous People in Existing


Common Ancestors Facebook Friends


I thought it that it was interesting as to how many of the Common Ancestors were in my existing database. Now, this has to be taken with a grain of salt, as to My Line, in the APP is probably my own data. But at the same time, there are possibly 205 new direct line ancestors to  research for.

Of the 91 APP Cousins, 45 of them are Facebook Friends. All four of my Grandparents have been represented. Colonial New England, Colonial Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey in my existing database is what is capturing these APP cousins.

None of this is proven, not sure that it will be proven in this file, but is certainly opening up some resources that have not been available in the past. It trying to validate the APP Data, I am seeing lots of new and great databases that I have not seen before. Also, some Family History Books are bringing hints to the database.

Of the 1,662 people in the database, there are 7,628 Record hints, 1,866 Photo Hints, and 197 Story Hints on Ancestry.com.

Lesson Learned: So Many Hints, So Little Time.


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