We’re Related APP–Status 17 Dec 2016

This project continues to be exciting and beneficial. I am starting to have a couple of collaborators checking out the Ancestry Member Tree to help confirm their “side” of the “tree” that the APP is providing.

This is a different view of the work so far. It’s a screen capture from my Genealogy Software program.


As I continue to add new APP cousins, I am working on confirming the data that the APP is providing. It continues to be pretty accurate on my side of the “tree” but now I am really trying to focus on Confirming that the APP is correct.

With the 1,345 people in the tree, with 5,189 Facts, all cited, I have 4,644 Ancestry Hints to work with. What I am doing, for the person to be confirmed, is to find a record that confirms the data from the APP to be correct. This is NOT to PROVE anything, but to see how accurate the data from the APP is.

This chart is just showing that I have changed how I am “counting” the data. the first column is dated 12/04/16, the 2nd is 12/08/16, and the last column is 12/17/16.

What I had counted in the past were people who were NOT in the APP, but had picked them up along the way.


What this is saying is that I have 332 Direct Ancestors in this database and I have confirmed that the Name, Birth and Death information is correct for the 65 that I have confirmed. Many are in process, but those were confirmed.

I then looked at my existing database, to see how many of the 65 were there, and 49 of them I already have. That means that 16 of the 65 confirmed APP people are NOT in my existing database.

I know who these 16 people are and will look to adding them to my existing database in the future. AND I already know that there are records “out there” for me to evaluate to bring them into my database.

I also did two Blog posts that might be of interest.

Who are my Colonial Ancestors ?


Why I double enter Historic Place Names

I hadn’t thought much about who my immigrant ancestors were, but because of those 16 people, I realized that I might want to look at that Question and see IF I can determine who my Colonial Ancestors are and how many of them are there.

The 2nd blog post shows HOW I was able to determine that, but I figured out how best to capture that data in my existing database. The “simple” answer is to double enter Historical Place Names. I wanted for reports to not read USA, but didn’t want to loose the Mapping Feature.


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