We’re Related–Conflicting information OR

OK, how am I going to explain this one ?

I didn’t blog about another Disproven Line, but the same Common Ancestor showed up again. One of my APP cousins I did proved (my current thinking) already. But Anne Almy (1627 – 1709) has shown again.

This is the “disproven” line, there appears to be Anne Almy’s.


The second APP Cousin with Anne Almy has the same Phillipa Green as a Child.


The problem here is it would appear that Phillippe Greene (or Green) was married to a Carr and a Dickinson.

There is another problem with the second image and that is the Death of Phillippa in 1690 and the Birth of Samuel in 1702.


Oh the fun of this APP. Some might say that this APP is a mess, but ….

As a couple of times before, there are hints around, just gotta look. My normal place to take a peek is the Find A Grave Index at Ancestry.com. You know how reliable Indexes are ….

Look what I found following a Hint in my Database for that index. Good hint, that led me to the Find A Grave website.


How’s that for a hint. Looks like two marriages, with the Birth Surname of Greene.

There, a little further down that page is the Parents of Ann(e) and both Spouses. (all HINTS for future research)


But, what about Samuel Dickinson, from my spreadsheet.

Looking at her Children, Samuel isn’t there, on the Find A Grave website. But what IS there, is that she has a sibling Samuel.

Since, not everything is Online, and not every body links families together on Find A Grave, I had to look elsewhere.


Maintained by: Kevin Avery
Originally Created by: Glenn Geirland
Record added: Oct 08, 2008
Find A Grave Memorial# 30417387

There was another hint, to a collection on Ancestry.com, that I don’t look at very often. But when I am looking for clues, I follow that Shaky Leaf Hint “just to look around” [ exhausting search ]


Oh, and I didn’t forget the Conflicting Information. That is the “mother” dying before the “child” was born.

From the same Find A Grave Memorial


The APP has her death date wrong, (current thinking) but the Find A Grave website helps resolve that conflicting information.

All are clues, not “proven” relationships, but there is also no conflicting information. So, the two APP Cousins appear to be cousins, but my current thinking is that I am not. Not a conclusion, only Current Thinking, and still looking.


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