We’re Related–Evidentia to the Rescue

As announced earlier today, Evidentia Software, Version 3 is available. There is a link on the right for more information about the program.

I have observed something from the APP that I have been looking into. That is a Female, common ancestor, with the next generation children with two different Surnames. Since the APP uses Birth Surnames, in most cases, I started to mark them to follow up on. I have blogged about a couple of them here.


Phebe Birdsall appears to have been married twice. Once to a Bartlett and once to a Havens. In my APP database, I already had Nathan Bartlett so I know that one was good.

Instead of the pen and paper approach to resolving this, as I had on the earlier one, I thought about firing up the new version of Evidentia.

The first thing I did was to enter, into Evidentia the data from the above spreadsheet.


Nice, colorful screen, nice ICON, very clear. I think, right out of the box for me, it was easier to enter the data.

Then I went to my Ancestry Member Tree and entered the data from there.


Low and behold, right in my Ancestry Member Tree, was the answer. Yes, she had married twice. Looking at the Citation information for Phebe, I was able to look at the Source of the data provided.

I actually found two errors in my data on the AMT and in my genealogy database program. The first is the birth date for Phebe is more accurate in the APP than in my database. The source in my database is where I got the bad data from.

My genealogy database has a new ToDo list to follow up on the relationship between the Bartlett and Haven gentlemen.

Lesson Learned: by attention to the APP, it may help you identify problems in my own database.

Thanks go Evidentia and the APP I have specific issues to resolve that I didn’t even know that I needed to resolve them.

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