We’re Related–Another Disproven Relationship, BUT

I think I have another one of these Female, Common Ancestor mysteries resolve.


One of the thoughts I had with this project, was to focus on what I know, that is my line, and prove or disprove to the Common Ancestor. I am so concerned about the “other” line. I am relative comfortable with my own research, though it does have issues, but I am focused to the Common Ancestor.

I the above you see a number of yellow cells. In fact, I’ll add the other APP Cousin with the SAME common Ancestor.


Look familiar with the fist one? Charles and Elizabeth Greenberry.

So proving or disproving would mean TWO APP cousin’s.

There are a number of Dorsey / Howard marriages in the timeframe and location. Greenberry, Goldsborough and Worthington (and other) are many. So, it took a bit of looking, again at my own data, and to see if I could find out where the problem was.

After a little research, looking at my source material and what other information I could find, the APP is 1 generation short of the Common Ancestor to the tree of us. The Common Ancestor is Edward Dorsey and his wife Anne. I am not sure what her maiden name is at this point. (on my To Do List).

The story is told here:


This is in agreement with documentation in my own database. I still have some clean up of my own database to do, but this is enough, for now, that my Current Thinking is that the APP is very close, Ann and Sarah were sisters.


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