We’re Related APP–an example of Collaboration

In a Facebook posting that a Chart that you will see below:

Facebook Posting by Molly McKinley

In that post she pointed out that there were “two different mothers” for this one person.

Now, Molly and I have worked together with DearMYRTLE in the past. She is a far better researcher than I. But, there is a problem. the Parents of Henry Patton Foote Blythe are Different.


Within an hour, of a “Facebook” conversation we knew what the answer to the Question: Did he marry twice? was. Molly was so great to color code the problem, making identifying the problem very easy.

If the had not looked at the APP, either of us, probably, would have questioned our own research. The APP “made us look”.

A quick search, in the Ancestry Find A Grave Index, pointed us to the Find A Grave website that clearly showed that he, Did in fact marry twice.

This will lead us both for more research to PROVE these relationships, but at least we know that there was a second marriage.

I consider this example as a good Collaboration story and a good use for this Genealogy Tool.

Molly gave me permission to use her graphic. Thank you Molly.


2 Responses to We’re Related APP–an example of Collaboration

  1. Molly McKinley says:

    You are welcome, Russ. We need to work together to make the whole picture. None of us has each of the total pieces that make up our ancestors’ lives.

    • Russ Worthington says:



      I did invite you to the Online Tree from the information I have from the APP.

      Thank you,


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