We’re Related–Update 30 Nov 2016

This is still a work in progress and will continue to work this as a project. Lots of leads to follow up on in my Master genealogy file.

One of the readers of this blog, wanted to know what all of the information was about in the status reports I have given so far.

See if this will help:


Most of the information comes directly from the program, as I have developed the information I wanted to track.


The 1,007 Tasks (To / Do) lists have categories where I can get some other information so that I can report it.

Here is where the file is now.


All Facts have been documented, as there is an Undocumented Report that I have available. All people have a Research Log, another report, almost 60 pages of research logs.

I am now in the process of Documenting the APP data against other records.


I have blogged about this recently, but of the 55 We’re Related Cousins, I have DISPROVEN 2. That means that I have NOT Proven the other 53. Still working on that. But I have disproven 2.

The observation on those two were where the Common Ancestor was Female and the two “children” of that Common Ancestor had different surnames, as if that common ancestor had married twice. In both cases, I have found indication / evidence that they were two different people.

This is NOT a linage study, it is only study of the APP.

Lesson Learned to date:

  • Good Review of your current database
  • Many hints for future research

5 Responses to We’re Related–Update 30 Nov 2016

  1. Betsy says:

    Hi Russ,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts regarding this new APP. I’ve since downloaded it to my phone and I’m now starting to work on trying to prove/disprove the results. As of today, I have 27 new “relatives,” with 25 being on my paternal line and 2 on my maternal line.

    I look forward to trying to prove or disprove these matches. The biggest benefit I see is that I have clues to take my lines much further back than they already are and to hopefully find my immigrant ancestors. None of my lines go back in my tree as far as they are based on what the App is indicating.

    I look forward to reading more about your working with this App, and thanks for the inspiration.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Great, thank you for your comment.

      My spread of “lines” from be Grandparents, are pretty equal. But, it does show the lines that i have worked on the most and have gotten far enough back. But the APP is getting me “across the pond” more often. Mostly, because when I was working back that far, those records we not on line for me to find.

      One of the things that I am starting to track is to identify, in each line, where My existing research ended, so that I can go back from there in my Master file. AND I have seen some of those records that were not available to me in the past.

      Good luck with your research and leads from the APP.


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  3. Jana Last says:


    I want to let you know that two of your blog posts are listed in today’s Fab Finds post at http://janasgenealogyandfamilyhistory.blogspot.com/2016/12/follow-friday-fab-finds-for-december-2.html

    Have a great weekend!

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