We’re Related–The APP was correct

I did a blog post earlier We’re Related–Case of Sarah Howard earlier, but after thinking about it, something wasn’t right.

Again, I went into my Genealogy Tool Box and pulled out EXCEL again. This time to put together a Timeline of events that would cover Sarah Howard and Sarah Dorsey. I wanted to see if the truth or a different story would show up and would the timeline make some sense.


This is my line so I reviewed my existing database. Bottom line is that the APP was giving me correct information and that I had the Birth Date for Sarah Howard incorrect. I had it as 1650, to be close to her husband. I reviewed that conflicting information and have determined that 1668 is the correct birth date.

In the previous blog post, I had miss read the Find A Grave text, for the birth and marriage date. I read both as the same year, instead of different years. The review of the Timeline now makes sense AND the APP showed me the error of my way. Oh I have the documentation, just had evaluated it incorrectly, years ago.

Lesson Learned: Review your data carefully. The Hint may come from the APP.

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