We’re Related–John Kerry

One of the things I have been doing with this project, is to look on Wikipedia about my more widely known cousins.

One of my 7th Cousins, 1x Removed is our 68th Secretary of State, John Forbes Kerry. We actually are weeks apart in age.

BUT, that is not the important piece of information that caught my eye.


Kerry enlisted in the Naval Reserve in 1966, and between 1968 and 1969, he served an abbreviated four-month tour of duty in South Vietnam as officer-in-charge (OIC) of a Swift Boat. For that service, he was awarded combat medals that include the Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, and three Purple Heart Medals.


Sometimes, a picture says more than the story


That smaller boat is one SWIFT BOAT, like the one that Mr Kerry was one. This was a year earlier (1967), and I took this picture from another Swift Boat. Some of us, from the USCGC Halfmoon (the rusty one in the background, we honored to be able to spend a day or two “on the river” on one of these Swift Boats.

I do remember that night, as we were running up and down the river, doing what ever we were supposed to be down, when there were Helicopter dropping what looked like “walls of fire”, down on the enemy. I guess it’s one of those images that you never forget.

I guess I don’t remember hearing about all of his medals, including 3 Purple Hearts. But when in comes to politics, I stop listening.

This is one line that I am going to prove, to myself at least, as he comes from my maternal grandmother’s line, from New England.

Looking at my database, I have disproven another connection to Mr Kerry, with one of my Facebook / Genealogy friends.

I am honored to be related to John Forbes Kerry.


2 Responses to We’re Related–John Kerry

  1. I too am honored to have John Kerry as my 7th Cousin 1x removed.

    • Russ Worthington says:

      Dr Shelley,

      Me too, but more importantly for me, to have you as a cousin.

      My project for tonight, is working on my connection to Benjamin Borden Sr. He is in my database, but want to make sure it is clean.


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