We’re Related–Disproven Line

As I have worked on this project, I, for what ever reason, made “gut feeling” notes as I went.

From my spreadsheet:


My existing database had Nathaniel Allen; born about 1798, death date unknown. But entering the date into the spreadsheet, I Hilited the entry above his, Jonathan Thorndike. In my Todo list I noted where did Thorndike become Allen.

One of the resource that I have been using for this project is the Find A Grave search results and Hints from Ancestry.com.

In another We’re Related cousin, had Nathaniel Allen’s wife of Ruth Herrick.

Another We’re Related cousin had Jonathan Thorndike’s wife as Lois Morgan. So, I have 3 cousin’s lining up here but with conflicting information.

The answer to the Conflicting information was on the Find A Grave website;


Lois Morgan, was not the wife of Jonathan Thorndike, but the wife of Jonathan ALLEN. Jonathan and the birth and death year are the SAME, the Surname is different.

The other records in the cousin connection is pretty solid, but this one struck me pretty quickly, as I was transcribing the information from the APP to the point where I hilited it.

My current thinking is that this is a Disproven Line.

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