We’re Related–Case of Sarah Howard

I had to stop and figure out what was wrong with my 6th Great Grandmothers information from the We’re Related APP. Something just want right.

From my EXCEL spread sheet I had recorded


I knew that date wasn’t right. I knew that date to be about 1650, with information about her first husband, Captain John Worthington (1650 – 1701) was being evaluated. I looked at the APP to make sure that I hadn’t transposed 1651 and 1668, which still didn’t make sense.

Where did that 1668 date come from?

I look at my Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) to see if there was a hint there.


And there was my 1650 entry, BUT also an Alternate Birth Date of 1668. So, maybe the APP picked up the ALT Birth Date.

I then looked at the Source of the 1668 Entry to see were I got that information from.


Citation Information
P Fazzini created memorial on the Find-A-Grave website – 11/12/2010
Sarah Howard Worthington (1668 – 1726) – Find-A-Grave Memorial # 61494565

The Find A Grave website has the Birth year of 1668, but has that Sarah married Capt John in 1668.

It would appear that the APP picked up the Find A Grave website information for Sarah Howard’s birth year.

The entry for Sarah Dorsey (Sarah Howard’s mother), in my database did not have a birth year.

Looking at the surrounding family information, I need to go back and do some research.

This may also be a matter of two “Sarah” females living in the same area at the same time. The question for the We’re Related cousin was similar, as on the surface, it appears that the 2nd Sarah Dorsey was married twice.

Sarah Dorsey (1651 – 1692), according to the APP, married a Howard and married a Greenberry. Both are possible, as those names were in the same area.

Bottom line here: It’s worth looking at the information in the APP and Evaluate it against my own research.


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