We’re Related–Two Abigail Gale’s

In reviewing one of the Common Ancestors, I think that I have found that there were Two Abigail Gale (1662 – 1769).


So, I have two lines with the common Ancestor of Abigail Gale (1682 – 1769)

Based on the children’s names, it Jonas Jackson and Lydia Hooper, that Abigail may have married twice. That is what got my attention to look into this further.

Did she marry twice ?

The children birth dates didn’t help, Jonas Jackson about 1721, and Lydia Hooper about 1716. On the surface, they could be siblings.

Looking for Jonas, I found him on the Find A Grave website:

Find-A-Grave — Jonas Jackson, Sr

This clearly has the relationships, but Abigale Gale Jackson’s birth was in 1698 and died in 1769. Italic “Gale” in a birth Surname. The DEATH Date is the Same as from the We’re Related APP, birth date is different.

Further down this line, is Moses Jackson, as the Son of Jonas.

Looking at the Find-A-Grave family links shows me, that this Abigail Gale may not be the SAME as the Common Ancestor.

There was only one hint for the 2nd Abigail Gale for a North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 book, which has a write up for this second family. It would appear that the We’re Related APP picked up on THIS Abigail Gale, as the Birth and Death Years agree with the APP.

The Birth Dates are different, the married names were different, but the Death Date and the Birth Names are the same. Colonial Massachusetts is also common between the two.

For this example: my current thinking is that there are TWO Abigail Gales. (1682 – 1769) and (1698 – 1769)


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