We’re Related APP Project–25 Nov 2016 Update

I am taking a few minutes to report on the progress of this project. I continue to see how this APP belongs in my Genealogy Tool Box.


You can see, over time, how much information is available from this APP. With plenty of Hints to work on.

The Collaboration part of this project has also begun. One person completed what he knows of his family, and I have made some adjustments to my instructions based on his feedback.

The breakdown of Categories are:


What that image didn’t capture was 3 Presidents and one Presidents wife. So far, my one known President hasn’t shown up yet.

Two observations, that others may have noticed. Its “helpful” to have Colonial Ancestors in your online tree. That tree may be Public or Private but many of mine go back into the 1600’s.

The second observation has to do with the Common Ancestor being a Female. I have made note of this, to look into further. It appears that some of these female ancestors may have married twice. That is what I looks like, but I am closely looking into this.

As a bonus, I have seen several of these Common Ancestors are connected to several of my “new” cousins.

This is still a work in progress, but I will be able to take a number of my known Ancestors back several more generations, when this project is completed. But, this is giving me a tool to help be get there.


2 Responses to We’re Related APP Project–25 Nov 2016 Update

  1. mcphilbrick says:

    First: Thank you for analyzing the data. Because of your work, I am keeping a spreadsheet of my results — but no where as detailed as yours. One observation that I’ve made is that most of my hints go back thru New England lines.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      You know that you showed up at my 8th Cousin 1x Removed. Common Ancestor is Mary Green (1665 – 1730).

      The good news is that Tami Mize and Anne Mitchell, you and I share that same Common Ancestor. I do have an issue when your line, but have not looked into it yet. After Mary Green is Mary Moore (1674 – 1740). The birth dates don’t look right. That was only an observation, but need to look into it later. On my To/Do list.

      Thank you,


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