We’re Related APP Status–21 Nov 2016

Just a quick update on this project. What I have been doing is to started to Prove or Disprove the information from the We’re Related APP.


Of the 28 persons that I have been able to confirm or prove, The APP provided accurate information on 27 of 28 person’s Birth Date. The one missing is me. The APP did not provide the Birth Date. In reality, I have confirmed 27 of 27 Birth Dates.

Death Dates, I have been able to locate, so far, 26 of 27 Death Dates from the APP, and I am still around. Missing one.

I have 2 names, where I haven’t found a record what has the exact name that came from the APP.

Having said that, there are 2,139 hints that I am working on, and 352 people with hints. Lots of Ancestry.com Records to locate.

As a reminder, this is NOT a fully documented Tree, It is only trying to check the accuracy of the APP. Can I find an online record, at Ancestry.com that validates the information provided by the APP.

Is it perfect, NO. I have 40 Questions that I have observed that I will follow up on. There are a couple, 2 or 3, “end of the line” people that I need to look into, where I am not sure the information is correct.

The good news is that I WILL have a list of people, from this Tree, that will become work items in my working / master file.

The distribution of these Common Ancestor lines is looking pretty good. All 8 of my Great Grandparents have been covered in these trees and 12 of 16 of my Great, Great Grandparents are covered.

I will summarize later one, what many additional generations I will be adding to my working file.

My only other comment at this point, is that I have found a number of ancestors from “across the pond”. I only had a few lines that went back that far, but am adding additional generations and can see hints for records from the U.K.

Several Online Book, about these families will be very helpful when I go back and revisit my own file. I am not looking at them for this project. For example: North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000: has 65 Hints for me to review.

My concentration are MY lines from the APP. I am not spending too much time on the “cousin” connection line. I have looked at some of the Non-Facebook Friends lines. Its when I do that, that I have found some of the questionable relationships.

So far, I have not found a “can’t happen” relationship with the Common Ancestor connections. I have noted them and they are on my ToDo / Task list for follow up.

I still am willing to spend the time to Prove / Disprove the Value, for finding those hints and be able to provide some numbers behind the project and the APP. It continues to be positive work, for me at least.

All Facts are documented and the built in Data Error Report has 24 errors, with a high percentage of them coming from the APP where a Person is still alive, so the data is marked private. The positive part about the “errors” is that I have been able to remove some of the APP Errors, where the APP did not provide Birth or Death Dates, while the records I am finding, to prove of disprove the APP is resolving some of the APP errors.

As I have heard it said “It’s ALL Good”


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