We-re Related APP–Update

This has been a fun project. I thought I would pause for a moment and see how it is working.

As a reminder, last weekend my APP crashed so I had to start over. The good news is that I had created an EXCEL spreadsheet to see IF I really wanted to spend time playing around with the APP.

Here is a Status of the work to date:


I have collected 35 We’re Related cousins. This data does not include information from 8 of them. The data is from my Genealogy Program as of a few minutes ago, but captured since 4 Nov 2016. I didn’t start recording this when I started and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to capture for a status, so there are many blank fields.

I have entered 27 of the Cousins information into my database. All 4 of my Grandparents are represented in these relationships.

This chart doesn’t show, but 17 of the 35 We’re Related cousins were already in my database with another 8 I was 1 generation short of the Common Ancestor. So in my real database, I can go back one more generation on those 8 people.

Of the 512 people in this database, I have 200 of them with Hints in my Software, and 1,052 Record Hints in the Online Tree. Not to mention 367 Photos and 22 Stories. Lots of data to work with, to prove or disprove this APP.

What I have learned, so far, is that I think I can use this Online Tree as a way to collaborate with another family researcher. I have my “rules” that I use for my databases, and have found a way to make that information available in the Online Tree. My File Notes in my Program are part of the Ancestry Member Tree. I also have figured a way to share my ToDo list in the Ancestry Member Tree.

My thought here, is making those two items, and probably more later, available to one of my We’re Related Cousins, and have that cousin work one or two HINTS to prove or disprove the data from the APP. My thought here is that this cousin would know their family better than I, they could look at the hints and be able to quickly evaluate if that record was for that ancestor and add that additional piece of information to their ancestors profile. Not to create massive tree, just so that I can determine if the information from the APP was Accurate or Not. All I am thinking of at the moment, is to have one record, or the best record to document dates and / or relationships to say yes the APP was right or the APP was wrong. The merging of the Data from Ancestry will provide the Citation information, so that stressful task is out of the picture.

A Collaboration Tree, of course, would go into much more detail, but I am only trying to determine IF I can communicate with the cousin enough to make this work.

It would be my hope that the Comment section of the Online Tree, per profile, would help communicate specific issues for a person.

ONE Observation about the APP:

It does NOT appear to be static. Meaning that I recorded the information when these items first appeared. I had a question on one of the people in the tree, looked at the APP again, and the Common Ancestor CHANGED. In this case, the first go ‘round, it was the wife who was the Common Ancestor. I didn’t know the father or husband, but HE was the Common Ancestor the 2nd time. It actually made more sense with the updated version, so my guess is that Ancestry.com is tweaking the APP.

I only have one of the 27 trees that I have put into may database what I have questions about. I have a couple of individuals whose data I question. From the couple that I looked at, including one of mine, it was a Data Entry problem, not a research result problem.

So far the APP looks very promising. I am hoping to develop a model tree so that I could collaborate with a Cousin.


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