The Ancestry “We’re Related” APP–Update

An additional update, just to give you a sample of the information and Hints produced, so far, from the We’re Related APP.


There are only a few empty names so far, and most of those individuals have Hints to work with. Again, entirely created with data from the APP. And I have a few more “new cousins” information to add.


3 Responses to The Ancestry “We’re Related” APP–Update

  1. Janet Dudones says:

    on the ancestry sheet that popped up, I wonder who the Henry R Worthington’s are, and if the middle name is Rossiter… which might be connected to my line, Can you tell?

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Nope. That is the Nicolas Worthington line. The Worthington State Park is about 15 miles from me, and that property was that of Charles Campbell Worthington’a Henry Rossiter Worthington’s son.


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