A Question for Evidentia (part 6)–Conclusion

Wow, this really worked.

I just completed my 9th document. Right there is the document were two pieces of information that I saw the first time, but because I am doing Document based analysis the answer was there all along. Oh, and there will be a follow up post, because I also confirmed, for me, where the problem was that got me off track.

As I have been working with Evidentia, I had two documents right in front of me, and one not too far away. The Evidentia Companion, by Edward A Thompson [ ISBN 978-0-692-59116-1], First Printing, 2016, and the Evidentia Quickstart Guide, also by the developer, and author Edward A Thompson. Both are available at http://evidentiasoftware.com.

At the end of my 8th document, I made sure that I had done Proof Reports on the data entered so far, made sure that I had marked the Source, Information, and Evidence categories as described in Evidence Explained, Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, Third Edition, 2015, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland. The inside cover has The Evidence Analysis Process Map, which really helped me “remember” how I was supposed to do this analysis.

Then I opened the 9th document, which was a 1910 Census Record, for the “father” of the child where I wasn’t sure who the mother was. I entered the Claims for him, entered the Claims for his wife, remembering the 2 unique questions of a married woman and there was half of the answer. She had one born and that child was still living. The 2nd part of the answer was that they had been married for 16 years, and the Child, also on that Census Record was 12.

Here is a link to the Proof Report for Lucy H Ort, who is not the mother, of Florence E Rinehart Ort, as reported, where I disprove the mother, daughter relations.

And a link to the Proof Report for Florence E Rinehart Ort, the daughter, where I hope to prove the correct parents.

This process has provided me with the record that raised the issue in the first place. Will do a follow up Blog Post on how I have attempted to resolve it. I had already observed that others had used that same record that has caused others the same issue.


6 Responses to A Question for Evidentia (part 6)–Conclusion

  1. John Boggess says:

    Very helpful series! Was particularly interested in reading the Proof Report for Lucy H Ort disproving the mother-daughter relationship, but the link appears to be bad (points to the Proof Report for Florence E Rinehart Ort).

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Just checked that link and it worked for me. It will take you to Google Docs and it a PDF file, just like Lucy.

      Please recheck and let me know.

      Thank you,


  2. John Boggess says:

    Thanks for checking. It is working for now me as well.

  3. […] A Question for Evidentia (part 6) – Conclusion […]

  4. As was said already, very helpful series. I have Evidentia but haven’t used it yet. I’m planning to try it out this weekend by entering documentation that I have for someone I knew to get the feel of it for myself.

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