A Question for Evidentia (part 2)

This is part 2 of a series on my use of the Evidentia Software Program. To see more about this program, click on the link in the Right Menu panel.

To start this project, I wanted to take inventory of where I am and how I got here. Two things became very clear, right up front.

  • The use of a Research Log
  • The “accessed date” in the Citation

Here is the research log for (for now) Person 1


Notice that there are Find A Grave and Find A Grave Index entries. I handle those two types of records differently.

Also, this points out a little my overall research strategy, built of relationships and the FFAN (Friends, Family, Associates, and Neighbors) Club, through Census Records and Find A Grave Records. These two records help be determine if other records are “my person”, because of the relationships these two records can show me.

Person 2


Notice the lack of Find A Grave records. That is a clue for me. Perhaps an alert that I need to keep an eye open for something.

Person 3


Back with the Census and Find A Grave records.

I should note two things about the two types of Find A Grave records.

When I do a Merge of data from the Ancestry.com Find A Grave Index, there may be data in the Web Merge that does NOT appear on the screen at the beginning of the Merge. Careful review of the Information that is brought in from the merge is very important.

The information from the Find A Grave website is a Manual selection of Data that is presented from the website. Birth, Death, and Burial Facts are then merged into my database. But, most of the time, there are links to other people on the Find A Grave website, which is good news and bad news. One bad link to the wrong person, may cause issues, in that the relationship may not exist in reality.

Oh, I did a Webinar on how I use Find A Grave. This is a subscription based website, but you can access it from that link and Selecting View by Presenter on this link.

My next step, is to put these research entries into an EXCEL spreadsheet. I will blog about that in the next update on this project.


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