Soon to be Expert ( ??? )

You know, a Drip under Pressure. That’s me, right now.


You may see this image a couple of more times over the next couple of months.

It appears that the Century mark (100 years) has finally set in for me. First, both of my parents were born in 1916, as was the FIRST Ort Farm in Long Valley, New Jersey.

This past Saturday, Ort Farms had a “Friends and Family” Picnic and a Birthday party. As daughter Jenn has been working for the farm for about 10 years, we were invited.

Here is a few photos from the picnic: Ort Farm 100th year Family & Friends Picnic (06/25/16)

At the party, there were at least 4 generations of Ort’s and related family there. As expected, a small table with some pictures, new and old. A couple of family photos, a picture book and one “in progress”.

Here is a photo of 3 generations:


One of the photos was of all of the Grandchildren who work on the farm, even today.

I can see “been there, done that”, in that I do remember the farm gatherings, both Family and Friends as well as other Picnic of other Farmers, Orchard growers mostly, where we would go to a farm and have picnic, like this, EXCEPT not on a Farm that has been in “the valley” for 100 years.

When I got home from the picnic, what did I have to do, but see if I can find “Sr” in a Census Record. That story will be told elsewhere, but One search on gave me enough information to get back to the “first” Ort in Long Valley. The real bonus, HE was a Civil War Soldier.

The icing on the cake (couldn’t resist that) was that 5 years ago, I took a photograph of his Headstone AND the Civil War marker. I found a photo of “Sr’s” Father on the Find A Grave website, with a cow. Hmm, a cow on a Produce Farm? Well yeah, there were actually 2 farms. the first being a dairy farm, from what I can tell.

Do you see some research that needs to be done ???

Oh, and there IS a Civil War Pension file. DE / NARA here I come.

So, I gave my findings to Jenn, that is the history of the 27th Infantry Regiment New Jersey and the two cemetery pictures to see if the family would like me to do some research.




So, the pressure comes in a matter of time. In the fall, is the official, public celebration of the 100th year of Ort Farms in Long Valley. There will be photos, with a little genealogy research thrown in. I suspect that the Washington Township Historical Society will have a couple of visits from me very soon. I guess it’s a good thing I gave a presentation to them a couple of years ago. Hopefully, they’ll let me do a little research on the family. I am sure that have a “ton of stuff”.

There is a P.S. here. Like the Ort family farms, the Worthington’s also had two farms. A Dairy Farm and an Orchard. The Ort Civil War soldier has only a middle initial (so far) of H. Jenn said that it was either Henry or Harvey. My dairy farming uncle was a HARVEY, and my Dad (100 years old this year) and his father were both HENRY.


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