QUERY: Worthington Springs, Florida


I’m trying to determine if we are related to Samuel Worthington who founded Worthington Springs, Florida. My grandmother told me stories of somehow we were related through either her mother, Martha Lucinda Shepherd or her father, Ezra C. Fisher. My grandmother’s name was Esther Ina Fisher. I’ve puttered on Ancestry.com, but couldn’t find a connection…in fact the trail runs cold at Martha and Ezra – I can’t find any records of their parents. Any insight would be much appreciated.

Blessings –
Ronda Mitchell


7 Responses to QUERY: Worthington Springs, Florida

  1. Russ Worthington says:


    Great question. I don’t think I have researched the Worthington Springs before.

    Do you have any other information about Samuel? Dates and places?

    From what I did find, Samuel would have been there in the early 1800s. I just have two many Samuel’s, in that time frame, to figure out which one was in Florida. The other names didn’t help (yet) looking at my databases.

    I am always interested in finding out where Place Names come from a Worthington person.

    Thank you,


  2. Jade says:

    It might have been helpful to note that Worthington Springs is in Union County, which was set off from from Bradford County in 1921.

    Bradford County might hold estate or land records for Samuel Worthington that could shed light on who his relatives were.

  3. Worthington Donald says:

    I could send you my line of descent which goes back from myself to about 1540 and includes Samuel Worthington, of Worthington Springs around 1830. And I have a copy of his land grant on the St. Mary’s River which he obtained from Spain in 1817. Also more info on him. He was my GGGrandfather. I am in Florida and go to Worthington Springs from time to time. My email is drworthington@usa.net.

    Don W

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Way cool.

      Who was the first Worthington, in your line, to come to the colonies?

      Was it Robert “the Quaker” Worthington ?

      Thank you,


      • Worthington Donald says:

        Russ, I am in our Vermont home for two weeks and don’t have all my “stuff” with me but as I recall there is some evidence that Robert “The Quaker’s” son, Samuel Worthington, Sr., actually came to America before Robert did, and that he sent for them to follow him here. So Samual Sr. may have been the first W’ton here. I am not sure how to use this weblog so don’t know how to send you attachments.


        • Russ Worthington says:


          Was just verifying which Worthington line this is.

          I will look at my database on that line. I may already have the Samuel, of the Florida Springs, in my database, but hadn’t made that connection.

          Thank you and enjoy your stay in VT.

          Thank you,


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