FINALLY Get Organized–What to do when you can’t research

Big plans today, smashed, as I couldn’t do any research. FTM2014 isn’t “talking” with, so what I am going to do. Oh, yeah, get organized.


I have been really careful in this 5 Generation file about the Citation’s. Not that I haven’t before, but really working on the format and punctuation that is required. In the past, not so much.

Also, making sure that that “accessed date” was included. There is a unique with FTM2014 when using the Template feature about that.

Because I couldn’t do any real research, I decided to spend the time looking at my Citations.

One thing that I had been doing with this file, is entering the full name of the person in my database, as part of the Citation, as it should. Somewhere along the way, I trying to shorten the accessed date to me “Mar” and nor March.

So, I had to check what EvidenceExplained has to say about both. Although not spelled out, the examples were very clear. Then I had my dah moment, of course. The citation will reflect whose record I was looking at, but using the link would get me to THE person whose record I have just found. The examples also had the month spelled out.

So, I am now reviewing my 342 Citations.

So far, it’s going pretty quickly, not done too bad of a job, but well work the time to go back and clean them up. Get my Citations Organized.


Lesson Learned: Review your reference material, like Evidence Explained, and review how I have implemented that information into my Citations

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