FINALLY Get Organized-Status Week of 10 Jan 16

Going to try to get caught up on my status. I have been keeping up but not reporting back like I should so:


Week of January 10, 2016

Task Status
1. First, back up your data Absolutely. Hard Drive is constantly being backed up and I randomly do a Restore of one of the backed up files — same with my genealogy database, but it several times a day as I work on it
2. Decide on a genealogy management program Family Tree Maker (FTM2014)
3. Enter 5 Generations into my genealogy database Complete
4. Set aside a 3-ring binder for your surname Declining to create Binders. I work so my better on the computer
5. Label oversize tabbed 3-ring dividers and insert in the surname binder I label any folders, by PERSON, as required and have a project folder. Very little paper
6. Print out family group sheets starting with yourself They are instantly available with my software
7. Place the 4 family group sheets  behind the appropriate generation dividers  in your surname binder n/a
8. Scan and file photos and documents relating to each of these four generations in your surname/maiden name binder This is where my organization of Filenaming has come into play. In fact, I am now bringing in photos of anyone that I might already have into this new database
9. As soon as you’ve scanned them, place all important “must save” photos and documents in top-loading page protectors All digital, so far
10. Create an introduction for those that follow Not quite ready to write up an introduction for a person yet
11. Add a “genealogy codicil” to your will by making an appointment with your attorney. ToDo List

Wow, what a busy week. I have listed each of the tasks from the DearMYRTLE blog for the week.


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