FINALLY Get Organized–Check In for January 03

Better late than never.

Because I started late, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on FINALLY getting organized. In fact, I have. I have set aside some time, almost every  day, to get “my stuff” organized. Living in an apartment for years, meant stuff in storage or some where away or better said, In The Way.

Getting the house in order, gardening, getting those “shaky leaves”, you know the real ones, the grass, and keeping the birds and squirrels happy takes time. With the Christmas break and not being able to do “stuff’ I am taking the time to get the Genea-Cave in order.

So, how have I stacked for the January Check List:


Date Task Status
01/03/16 Clean off the computer desk and make piles for everything That was done, but making the desk workable, is “work in progress”
  Check your office supplies With an office supply house just down the street. done
  Set Up Computer Desk I had a plan to have someone build me one like the one that Mr. Myrt build for DearMYRTLE – Change in plans have turned out OK
  Designate a Red and Green Cliipboard Didn’t do this one with clipboards, but with specific workspace for that

There has been some fine tuning during this process, but the process is starting to pay off.


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