Finally Get Organized–Part 1, Change of Plans


Way back in mid December, I wrote a blog post about my DNA Results

DNA Update

followed by what I received by Snail Mail

Look what I received in the mail

There were a couple of other Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs) along the way. The came Roots Tech where the big BSO showed up. That was a visit to the Mayflower booth at RootsTech were I was told I had Mayflower ancestors. I do have a couple in my database, on of which would have been for my son-in-law. The data I was given looked weird, but who can do any analysis at that event.

BUT the good news, I created a new database to prove that I did, in fact, have Mayflower ancestors. The mote I looked at the data, the more I KNEW something was fishy in New England somewhere. But I did have the data back just so far.

In the meantime, I am also looking at the letters in that package I received at Christmas time.  Had several conversations with my newly found 2nd cousin. Now, every time I speak with her, she tells my “you have got to get out here”.

Now, I do hangout with DearMYRTLE, so I am ready this Getting Organized Check List stuff (for my 2nd time through this), when the lightbulb went on, why not use the 5 generation concept, to really clean up back to my Great Grandfather and fill in the gaps for myself, BUT also that would get me to really look at my 2nd cousin’s family as well.

My goal for this Getting Organized project, is to be able to create a book to take with me to Colorado when I go to visit my cousin.

I’ll stop here, for now. Stay tuned for the Rest of the Story.


2 Responses to Finally Get Organized–Part 1, Change of Plans

  1. True! says:

    That will be a Good Idea. I hope you get another BSO while visiting!

    • Russ Worthington says:

      Oh, I know that will happen, True. I have three envelopes of letters already.

      Thanks for your comment.


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