FINALLY Get Organized

You may have seen this image around your Genealogy circles or from your Genealogy / Family Researching friends. It’s a project created and re-created by DearMYRTLE, my cousin.


She Blog as a tab for this project at FINALLY Get Organized

I’m not one for following all of the rules, but try to handle this type of challenge that works best for me.

I have been working on keeping my research organized and up to date. Not always there, but trying. We each have our own system or use the check lists from DearMYRTLE to create our own.

The 2nd weeks Check List FINALLY Get Organized! Jan 10th-16th Checklist had is start by working on, or get organized to work on, four (4) generations.

The focus was by surname. Sorry Myrt, I can’t do that. First I rarely use paper, don’t use the 3-ring binder system, but I do have my Genealogy Database management program that works for me.

In that blog post there was one of our Wacky Wednesday Hangouts “Is there life beyond Family Tree Maker?” That was  an awesome view of stepping back for a few minutes and really look at how we deal with our research technology. I had so much fun with that program, that I gave a similar presentation on that same topic at my local Family History Interest Group in January 2016.

BUT, I am going to start a series of Blog Posts, right here, on how I am working with this concept of getting organized. The concept of working with 5 Generations, is starting to pay off.

I am in a little of a “catch up” mode, but when this “Getting Organized” didn’t have the meaning that it has now. I will share that experience in this series.


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