QUERY: Martha A Worthington (1870- ?) Kansas

A Query from Sharon Culver-Rease

I am struggling to find the parents of my great grandmother, Martha A Worthington who was born March 15, 1870 in Kansas. She had a brother Edward born in October 1876. The information I have is from census and marriage records. She moved to Missouri at 18 and got married. I would welcome any suggestions.


6 Responses to QUERY: Martha A Worthington (1870- ?) Kansas

  1. Mary says:

    Do you have any other information as to her? Did she have more than one marriage? Date/location of her death? And more info on her brother? Happy to help, and starting with what we “know for sure” can help eliminate guesswork

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Hopefully, Sharon Culver-Rease will see your comment and respond to you.

      Good luck,


      • Mary says:

        Thank you, Russ. I enjoy helping people when I can. Have been a “search angel” since before the era of Internet, and it’s great to help when I can–even though I am dealing with two major brick walls within my own family! Thank you for all that you do; it is much appreciated.

        • Russ Worthington says:


          Haven’t done Cousin Bait for someone else in a while. Always happy to help out.


    • Sharon says:

      She remarried Walter Lee Haller and she died in 1954. She is buried in Tulare California. I think she could have gone by her middle name, Annie” at times. It looks like her brother Edward had the middle initial of W. I am wondering if the state borders changing are complicating my search.

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