Press Release – Evidentia Software

I don’t normally do Press Releases in the blog, but, I use the program and have blogged about it. I even have a link to get directly to the website. So, if you  are interested in the software or the Companion to the program, here’s your chance. Mine is ordered


Evidentia Software is now accepting pre-orders for The Evidentia Companion

(Matthews, NC) January 4, 2016 – Evidentia Software is now accepting pre-orders for the book, The Evidentia Companion.  Written by lead designer Ed Thompson, The Evidentia Companion is the perfect complement to the Evidentia desktop application. The software helps users organize their information so it can be  used as evidence, then helps users find answers to their research questions.

The book details the 4 tasks that define the Evidentia workflow.  

  1. Identify a Source

  2. Catalogue the Source

  3. Analyze Evidence

  4. Write a Conclusion

With over 100 screen shot images, the book helps users become productive with Evidentia as quickly as possible, focusing on the features that support the 4 tasks.

In addition to the book, Evidentia Software is offering The Evidentia Quickstart Guide, a laminated quick sheet that supplements the book by distilling the 4 tasks into 4 pages for quick reference.

Evidentia Software is offering has created the coupon code “PRE-ORDER”, which will discount purchases from the website 15%. Bundled discounts are also available.

For more information, or to purchase the book and/or quick start guide, go to

Edward Thompson
Evidentia Software, LLC


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