DNA Update

I haven’t blogged about my DNA testing for a while, so I thought I would share what happened on Friday.

I created an Online Tree at Ancestry.com that was linked to my recent DNA test there. It is an AncestryDNA autosomal test. There is a lot of information about Autosomal Testing at Ancestry.com DNA.

Here is my Ethnicity estimate chart


It was a little surprising when I first looked at the results, but thinking about it, this is taking ALL of my DNA, not just the Y-DNA that I may have talked about before.

A couple of days ago, I was reviewing my results and saw that I had a New 2nd cousin.


Now, I know the first “2nd Cousin”. He is really my 2nd cousin once removed. We have chatted about the results a number of times. But this new one was of interest.

I opened up my genealogy database and THERE SHE WAS !!! I immediately sent her a private, (DNA) Message from the website, letting her know who I was and that I know how we are related. The three of us share a common, Great Grandfather (for me), and Grandfather for the gentleman at the top of the list. Two brothers and now a Sister connection. My new cousin and I are in the same generation, while the first person is a generation before us. We are, however, not that far apart in age.

Friday, of last week, I got a reply to my “hi how are you” message, asking me to call her. What a long morning waiting for me to make that call. It was like 6 am for me, and I knew where she lived, so I wasn’t going to call at Oh Dark Thirty.

What a phone call this was. We shared the excitement of talking to another about OUR RESEARCH. You don’t always get to talk to family where the other person is interested in the details of our research.

The long and the short of this conversation is that she has Letters from our common Great Grandfather and his wife, along with letters from MY Grandfather. I knew he had letters, but somewhere along the line his letters have been lost. Not only letters but pictures AND she is willing to share them with me.

She told me that she had already shared, over the years, letters that she has with the brother of the gentleman also on the DNA list. A lot of the data that I have collected was from my Texas (and Arizona) cousins. So the Texas, Colorado, and New Jersey (formerly Pennsylvania) cousins have re-connected, with DNA to prove it.

I see a “road trip” in the near future. Can’t wait for mail from her. To be able to, finally, be able to read my grandfathers letters, with the bonus to see Samuel Worthington and Sarah Catherine Reeve’s letters. I do hope she throws in a couple of pictures.

Can’t wait to get them and to be able to share them with my Aunt, who has her 96th birthday in a couple of days.

7 Responses to DNA Update

  1. Erica Voolich says:

    Such a wonderful gift Enjoy Erica

  2. That’s really exciting Russ. I have one ancestor letter and that’s all. I can’t wait to hear more or have you share the letters with us, if you choose to.

    • Russ Worthington says:


      I have a few letters, but these will be most interesting, I can tell. Just trying to figure out how quickly I can make an in-person visit. She must have asked 5 times for met to come visit.

      Am now following some of my hints on her line, and already have some questions for her.

      Come on Mr / Ms Mail person. My mailbox is empty

      Thank you,


  3. Oh that is fab! At the end of October I had my FTDNA Autosomal results back that sit within my Orlando DNA project (surname, not place!)

    I am still getting to grips with the understanding of it and a blog post will be written in due course. I was a little disappointed that there were so few connections with Italian ancestry and no Orlando’s but many Italians are not interested in DNA and it is a case of being patient and there were a few who did link to my maternal line and that was clear because they gave ancestral surnames whereas some did not.

    I had 160 matches and I emailed all of them. Extending the hand of genealogical friendship – I wrote at about 3am UK time and when I got up at about 8am I had 26 emails and more are still arriving!


    • Russ Worthington says:


      My FTDNA Surname project was Y-DNA which is how I found a Non-Paternal Event took place about 1600 +/- 50 years. I think that the Surname project is really a part of a One Name Study project. The Family History Society member “owns” the Surname at GOONs. That OK, because they / we are working on a 17th Century project.

      I haven’t moved my AncestryDNA over to FTDNA (yet), because I have some pretty solid leads (hints) on Ancestry and addressing them one at a time. Also, in my tree is a cousin who is trying to find her mother’s natural parents. That is where we have to find a Place and Time DNA match.

      You “genealogical friendship” approach is the one I used and the result has been awesome, specifically in this case.

      Like much research that we do, it takes time.

      Thank you for your comments.


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