Query: Robert “the Quaker” Worthington

Alice Carmel writes:

Thanks for this blog, Russ.

I retired 6 mo ago and am doing my tree on ancestry.com synced to FamilyTreemaker3 for Mac. It is so much easier to amend than doing gedcoms for upload to Rootsweb WorldConnect.

I used to chat with you on Worthington-L when my mother was publishing the 1837 diary of Margaret Worthington. Mother passed away in Dec 2013 at age 100.

I have copies of her book “Daughter of Adena” for sale, and used copies as well as print to order copies are available on Amazon.

Today I have been studying ancestors of Robert the Quaker Worthington’s wife Margaret Mat(t)hews. If I succeed in verifying the line, it goes to William Wynter, treasurer of the royal navy under QE I, who also was in the battles with France and Spain–see the wiki about him if anyone is interested.

Alice Carmel,
Weymouth, MA

Thank you for the Query Alice.



4 Responses to Query: Robert “the Quaker” Worthington

  1. gradeless says:

    I have Margaret Matthews as the daughter-in-law of Robert ‘the Quaker’ Worthington married to Robert Worthington (my 7th gr-granduncle.) I need to recheck this.

  2. Brian McKenna says:

    Doing research in Baltimore in the 1860s and I think we have a few names of common interest. Love to swap information. Specifically:

    James McHenry Howard
    Henry Carroll Howard
    David Ridgley Howard and perhaps
    John Tolley Worthington

    Please email me, Brian McKenna

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Interesting group of people. I spent a summer researching them, and others.

      I have an Ancestry Member Tree with my current information on this line.

      These names, however, and NOT in the Robert “the Quaker” Worthington line. Very different.

      Thank you for you comment.


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