My Heritage–SmartMatch–not so good

I have started to us the Online Tree at My Heritage. I have started to talk about it here.

My Heritage–Smart Matches

That was sort of a good experience, but has issues. Let’s try another one. What we see in the Merge Center are TREE MATCHES, RECORD MATCHES, and SMART MATCHES.


I’ll look at another Smart Match. The first one matched my current tree to a very old tree on

This is a Record Match, where Thomas Contee, from my  tree has a Smart Match for a Marriage Record.


What I liked about the information in the upper right,had the females name, with her birth name as “(born Fendall)” and that they had a daughter Jane.

BUT, isn’t there always a but. The high lighted name is in fact Thomas Contee, but look just to the right, it is his Complete Name. Thomas Contee Bowie.

No Match. What IS interesting is that the names used are in my file.

I then remembered that the upper right was from My file as seen below.


I have Bowie’s, Contee, and of course Fendall. Since I don’t have marriage information I did a quick search on and only found a SAR Membership Application.


Bottom line here, look carefully at what is being returned as a Smart Match. The match was almost right, but that fact that the Surname was missing in the results, not so much.


2 Responses to My Heritage–SmartMatch–not so good

  1. I get weekly emails from both that they are finding matches. Part of my lineage are on both and they are finding the same people on both places and telling me of the match. So they are matching my lineage on one with my lineage on the other site. Not much help. I need help back many generations not recent match. By replying you are helping the company make family groups to get more subscribers? Hmm. Are they sending you a check for your efforts?

    • Russ Worthington says:


      Thank you for your reply. I am hoping that My Heritage will help us figure out how to handle the two trees (My Heritage and I have heard a couple of horror stories, so I am hoping something positive will come of all of this.


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